Energy and Building Green

One way Harris is committed to sustainability is through environmentally sound renovation and construction of its facilities. Our Harris Technology Center and Global Innovation Center have received the U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED Gold and Silver Certifications, respectively.

Leveraging green building technologies, we have reduced energy usage six percent in FY2018 by installing efficient lighting and lighting controls, higher efficiency heating and cooling systems, and improving our building management systems to reduce energy demand.

Waste Water

Water and Wastewater

Our focus on conservation extends to our water and wastewater programs. In FY2018, Harris reduced water intake by 10 percent, saving millions of gallons of water through a variety of programs.

Our Communication Systems Night Vision Location in Roanoke, Va., received an Environmental Excellence Gold Standard Award for Industrial Waste and Pretreatment from the Western Virginia Water Authority. The team has launched several projects to reduce water consumption, including reusing water for non-critical processes, which has saved 200,000 gallons of water per month.

Waste and Recycling

Waste and Recycling

We continue our journey to drive improvement in recycling and waste reductions. In FY2018, 39 precent of all waste produced in U.S. operations was recycled or reused.

Our North Amityville, N.Y., manufacturing facility team successfully reduced acetone use by 16,000 pounds annually. The team also reduced overall hazardous waste generation, giving us a small-quantity generator status rather than a large-quantity generator status under the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act.

Green Team

Green Team

The mission of the Green Team is to engage Harris employees and advance the company’s sustainability programs by continuously striving for a more efficient and sustainable environment through resource conservation, pollution prevention, waste reduction, and recycling.

Green Teams are organized, grassroots and cross-functional groups of employees who voluntarily come together to brainstorm, motivate and empower employees around sustainability. They focus on identifying and implementing sustainability based projects that will help Harris achieve sustainability goals and create a vision of sustainability for Harris’ future.

In 2019, Green Team launched an initiative to remove Styrofoam materials from Harris corporate headquarters' cafeteria and five surrounding facility cafeterias in Brevard County, Florida. The styrofoam was replaced with more sustainable to-go food containers and employees now receive a discount on meals for utilizing reusable china. This initiative will save approximately 1,000,000 styrofoam cups and 3,500,000 styrofoam containers from going to landfill each year – approximately 5 tons in total.

Products that Support Our Planet

Harris is helping create a more sustainable Earth by applying advanced information and communications technologies to the fields of weather forecasting, environmental change monitoring, and greenhouse gas reduction.

Understanding environmental conditions is important to lives, property and economies. Harris develops space, airborne and ground sensors for persistent and direct monitoring. We also work to reduce the amount of greenhouse gas that enters the atmosphere in the first place.

At Harris, we apply our advanced technologies to help preserve our environment for generations to come. Hear from CEO Bill Brown on how sustainability meets innovation here at Harris.