L3Harris leaders and employees know that doing things the right way – in accordance with our values and beyond basic compliance with the law – is critical to L3Harris’ long-term success.

Our long-standing Ethics & Business Conduct program equips leaders with the support necessary to foster and maintain an ethical culture, and to empower employees to raise concerns without fear of retaliation.

L3Harris has a multi-level and multi-functional governance program to ensure we continually maintain and improve our workplace culture. The program is overseen by the Board of Directors, driven by senior leaders, and supported by resources across the company, including more than 50 ethics advisors.

All L3Harris employees annually certify to understanding and promising to adhere to the corporate Code of Conduct, and we implement a Supplier Code of Conduct to ensure our suppliers meet high ethical standards.

Ethics Participation

In an effort to continuously improve the effectiveness of our ethics program, we periodically survey employees. Seventy percent of our employees participated in the 2018 survey -- well above the defense industry’s 54 percent benchmark. The feedback helps us understand how well we are living up to our commitment, and where we need to improve our workplace.


Anti-Corruption Program

At L3Harris, we are committed to conducting business consistent with the U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (“FCPA”), the United Kingdom Bribery Act (“UKBA”) and the anti-corruption laws of the countries in which we operate.

Our values are the foundation of interaction with our peers, customers and other third parties, and our Code of Conduct provides guidance on critical policies and regulations that impact our business operations. Our code applies to every L3Harris employee, officer and member of the board of directors.

The Nominating & Governance Committee oversees L3Harris’ compliance with the goals and objectives set forth in the L3Harris Code of Conduct. L3Harris policy management requires that all policies must be reviewed and modified at a minimum of every two years, if necessary, to help ensure they are current and accurate.

Anti-Corruption Policies



A commitment to protecting the health and safety of our employees and customers is central to L3Harris’ culture. Our "Accept Only Zero" philosophy is designed to help eliminate safety incidents by encouraging every employee to be fully engaged and responsible for continuous improvement in all health and safety initiatives.

Today, more employees are focused on preventing rather than reacting to incidents. By using Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) reporting tools and increasing communications with employees, Harris has improved employee engagement and participation in EHS, resulting in a 3.4x increase in Concern Reports. During the same period, the company reported a 31 percent reduction in the recordable injury and illness rate – to 45 percent of the aerospace industry average. As we continue our journey of “Accept Only Zero,” we strive for an even bigger EHS improvement in the future.

EHS Concern Reports
OSHA Recordable Cases

WLI Conference

Diversity and Inclusion

Building, maintaining and expanding a globally inclusive culture is also central to our company’s continuing success. L3Harris values diverse ideas, perspectives, experiences, backgrounds and lifestyles in our workforce. We recognize that bringing a variety of backgrounds and perspectives to the table generates the innovation that fuels our growth.

L3Harris strives to create an inclusive environment that enables employees to develop and apply their talents, give back to their communities and advance their careers. Our Employee Resource Groups connect those with shared values and interests and help attract, develop, engage and retain a high performing, diverse workforce.

We are working hard to improve gender representation at all levels of our company. We’ve made good progress and recently held our biennial Women’s Leadership Conference.

To learn more about L3Harris’ inclusive culture, click here.

Stop Human Trafficking

Preventing Human Trafficking

Human trafficking is contrary to L3Harris values, and we do not engage in and will not willingly or knowingly assist in any human trafficking committed by any other party, including suppliers or business partners.

Through our actions, L3Harris demonstrates that human rights violations are both avoidable and unacceptable. Click below for additional information about our efforts to prevent human trafficking within L3Harris and our supply chain.

Human Trafficking Statement


Supply Chain & Conflict Minerals

L3Harris works with suppliers who embrace and demonstrate the highest ethical standards and operate according to accepted economic principles, as well as human trafficking and environmental guidelines. We require our supply partners to conduct business in compliance with our published Supplier Code of Conduct. L3Harris also is committed to supplier diversity initiatives. We have enacted strong and successful procurement programs that encourage active participation by small and disadvantaged businesses. L3Harris works globally to identify and engage qualified supply chain partners.

We comply with regulations issued by the Securities and Exchange Commission requiring publicly traded companies to file annual reports disclosing their use of certain “conflict minerals” (tin, tantalum, tungsten and gold) originating from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and adjoining “covered countries.” These minerals are so named because, in some cases, they have an association with financing civil war and with human rights abuses.

L3Harris is working diligently with its global supply chain partners to comply with SEC regulations while managing the complexities of a global supply chain. We are:

  • Executing a phased approach with suppliers to support compliance with the SEC’s conflict mineral regulations (including conducting reasonable country of origin inquiries with the appropriate due diligence as necessary, as to the sourcing of the conflict minerals)
  • Working with suppliers and various industry groups to seek conflict-free sourcing for these minerals, and to educate these groups on the Minerals Assurance Process assessment protocols that promote responsible sourcing from the DRC region
  • Filing annual report related to conflict minerals and posting them on our website

L3Harris Conflict Materials Report