2019 AUSA Annual Meeting and Exposition

Washington, District of Columbia, United States
Visit L3Harris at booth 7136 | AVX/L3Harris booth 825
Oct 14, 2019
Oct 16, 2019
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The merger of L3 and Harris has created an agile global aerospace and defense technology company uniquely positioned to deliver innovative, end-to-end solutions to meet the Army's mission-critical needs across all domains. The combination of complementary technologies and a talented and engaged workforce will allow L3Harris Technologies to deliver innovative products and services faster to the US Army and our international partners.

LRPF (Long-Range Precision Fires)


L3Harris’ Long-Range Precision Fires provide a wide portfolio of fuzing and precision guidance subsystems, and systems for the Department of Defense and international allies. The LRPF teams specialize in the design and manufacture of build-to-print and modernized fuze solutions, ignition safety devices, proximity sensors, inertial measurement units and intelligence management systems.

NGCV (Next Generation Combat Vehicles)


L3Harris provides technologies that deliver agile next generation capabilities optimized to meet the demands of high-intensity warfighting against top adversaries. These technologies meet the Army’s requirements for being lethal, survivable, and most importantly, upgradeable, to meet future requirements as mission profiles continue to evolve.

AMD (Air and Missile Defense)


L3Harris supports Air and Missile Defense with integrated solutions that detect, track, identify and defeat fires from manned and unmanned aerial vehicles.

SL (Soldier Lethality)


L3Harris delivers integrated multi-domain solutions that provide unprecedented lethality, mobility, protection and situational awareness. These capabilities enable the soldier to see farther, faster and with greater precision and situational awareness than ever before. These solutions ensure the soldier achieves overmatch capability on the battlefield while ultimately safeguarding them from harm.

STE (Synthetic Training Environment)


L3Harris is at the forefront of integrating and automating learning science models into an adaptive training system framework that optimizes training effectiveness in real time, across a wide variety of complex, dynamic and high-stress training environments.

NET (Army Networking)


L3Harris delivers multi-domain dominance through spectrum superiority giving today’s warfighters the decisive edge against near-peer adversaries. Data-centric intel keeps missions better informed and more agile while maintaining resilient communications in denied or degraded environments. Our software-defined radios and network systems ensure seamless upgrades to future Army requirements and next-generation capabilities.

APNT (Assured Positioning, Navigation and Timing)


L3Harris is leading GPS and alternative PNT modernization efforts across space, control and user equipment domains to enable our forces and critical infrastructure to maintain high levels of confidence in position and time accuracy, authenticity, and integrity in anticipated threat environments.

FVL (Future Vertical Lift)


L3Harris delivers game-changing solutions for Future Vertical Lift to accomplish the A2AD mission and regain the asymmetric advantage for the warfighter in multi-domain operations.