Sep 12, 2017
Sep 15, 2017

Defence and Security Equipment International (DSEI)

ExCeL, London, United Kingdom
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Defence organizations today face challenges that require broad, multi-domain responses. Harris provides a comprehensive portfolio of integrated solutions that connect, inform and protect across land, sea and air. These proven products and systems – from next-generation battlefield networks and management, to electronic warfare and robotic systems – are transforming force modernization and C4I programs around the world.

Command the Digital Battlespace

Harris’ customer-trusted technologies network the command center, aerial tier and dismounted soldiers at the tactical edge, delivering a common operational view with real-time intelligence for more informed decisions. 

hC2 Software Suite Battlefield Management

Harris offers tactical communications solutions and digital battle management systems that deliver command, control and connectivity in real time and. These capabilities integrate with Harris’ Jagwire™ software, which quickly discovers data, transforms it into information and delivers it into the hands of those who need it most — wherever they are. 

In addition, Harris provides night vision devices, integrated with radios and tactical networks, enable warfighters to receive texts, alerts or images directly into the goggle’s display and to dominate the dark. Commanders simultaneously see what the warfighter sees. Users benefit from Generation 3 image intensifier technology, which delivers enhanced performance — especially in extremely low light conditions.  

F5032 Light Weight Binocular - tactical night vision goggles

Detect, monitor and disable threats

To keep soldiers and sailors safe, customers turn to Harris proven technologies for continuous protection.

Advanced Integrated Defensive Electronic Warfare Suite (AIDEWS)

For 60 years, customers have turned to Harris capabilities in electronic warfare (EW) to dominate the electromagnetic spectrum. Harris provides the knowledge, technology and techniques needed for mission success against threats across air, land and sea domains. Harris electronic warfare (EW) technology delivers a penetrating view of the threat, protection against sophisticated, ever-changing and future threats, and the ability to harness the spectrum for tactical advantage.  

The T7 Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) System goes into harm's way so you don't have to. With intuitive control and human-like dexterity, the robot makes it easy to complete complex tasks with minimal training time, even in the harshest, most austere environments.

T7 Multi-Mission Robotic System

Harris’ Undersea Systems help ships and submarines navigate the complex terrain beneath the surface, track and understand the movement of enemy vessels, and keep global shipping lanes safe and clear of dangerous mines. Sophisticated Harris transducer arrays support navigation and situational awareness through search, detection, tracking and classification of targets. Harris manned and unmanned minesweeping technologies support naval forces by identifying and safely detonating acoustic, magnetic and multiple influence sea mines. 

Deliver real-time situational awareness

Terminal Air Surveillance Radar (TASR)

Harris' radar and reconnaissance technologies deliver essential situational awareness of the surrounding airspace and seas. These systems provide unambiguous, high-resolution information for air traffic management and for detection, warning and response to threats of all types, even in the harshest environments.


Support mission success

Harris offers proven carriage and release solutions used on thousands of aircraft to safely and precisely deliver payloads. These systems feature smart, multiple-carriage racks; next-generation pneumatic and electronically actuated systems; and the lower weight required for unmanned vehicles.

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