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Don’t face your mission-critical challenges alone.

Harris partners with government and civil organizations throughout Asia Pacific to deliver next generation solutions that connect, inform and protect.  We support warfighters and civilians with advanced technologies — from battlefield modernization to homeland security, air superiority, maritime awareness and air traffic management. Let us show you how.

Connected Battlefield and Homeland Security

Harris' customer-trusted technologies network the command center, aerial tier and tactical edge to create a common operational view with real-time intelligence for more informed decisions.

Tactical Communications

Our battlefield management systems and tactical radios for airborne, vehicular, manpack and handheld applications deliver unprecedented situational awareness through high-speed voice, data and full-motion video.

Harris hC2™ Software Suite

A complete command and control solution that connects all echelons and offer a full picture of the operation to ensure precise information and battlefield command.

F5032 Light Weight Binocular - tactical night vision goggles

Harris F5032 Lightweight Night Vision Binocular

A newly released night vision system that delivers a tactical advantage in low-light and no-light combat scenarios and provides improved operational performance and situational awareness.


New insights, no boundaries with a wide area motion Imagery sensor that easily integrates with other intelligence sources to provide context to data collected on a multi-intelligence surveillance platform. 


T7 Multi-Mission Robotic System

The T7 Multi-Mission Robotic System goes into harm's way so you don't have to. With intuitive control and human-like dexterity, the robot makes it easy to complete complex tasks with minimal training time, even in the harshest, most austere environments.

Air Mission Success

Aviators must collect, fuse, and share vast amounts of information, driving the need for additional sensors and mission processing, hardened electronics, robust communications, and open architecture compatibility for affordable growth. Harris avionics support today’s demanding needs and, working with our customers, develop new technologies for the future, allowing aviators to focus their attention where it matters most – the mission.

Electronic Warfare

Electronic Warfare

For 60 years, customers have turned to Harris capabilities in electronic warfare (EW) to dominate the electromagnetic spectrum. We provide the knowledge, technology and techniques needed for mission success against threats across air, land and sea domains.

Carriage and Release

Carriage and Release

Harris has pioneered the development of next generation pneumatic and electronically actuated systems, which reduce weight and operate in a cleaner way, prolonging service life and reducing maintenance costs. 

Tactical Airborne Radios

Tactical Airborne Radios

Our ruggedized airborne radio solutions are SWaP-optimized for deployment in rotary or fixed wing aircraft, ground vehicles and unmanned aircraft systems delivering high-speed multiband voice, data and video.

Tactical Air Traffic Management

Managing air traffic safely and securely is a critical part of successful command and control operations. Military customers around the world come to Harris for tactical air traffic management and precision approach radar systems to support operations both at large, established airbases as well as tactical airfields where mobility is a priority.

Maritime Domain Awareness

The isolated and harsh conditions of service at sea make reliable communications crucial to survival and mission success. Harris maritime solutions provide worldwide wideband communications and domain awareness to a growing contingent of international navies.

ES-5080 - Digital Receiver Based ELINT/ESM System

The ES-5080 utilizes the latest digital receiver technology for extremely accurate pulse measurements. The inherently flexible design allows a broad range of configurations: number of channels, selection of antennas, networking capability.

ES-3701S - Precision Radar ESM System

The ES-3701S RESM can provide complete RF coverage with DF from comms bands through radar bands. The ES-3701S provides situation awareness, targeting, self-protection and surveillance.



Whether airborne, shipboard, ground-based, mobile or fixed-site, used for air traffic management, ground control approach, 3D defense surveillance, maritime patrol, precision targeting and fire control, coastal surveillance, Harris radars provide the capability and the flexibility required for mission success.

Air Traffic Management

Every day, thousands of aircraft flying the global skies depend on technology to arrive safely, efficiently and on time. Harris is modernizing global Air Traffic Management (ATM) systems to help meet the demands of the next generation of air travel–moving millions of people and goods safely through the skies.


While individual AMAN/DMAN systems offer important benefits, a coupled system unlocks additional improvements for mixed-mode runways such as further improved predictability and capacity.

Liberty-STAR™ Voice Communication Control System (VCCS)

The Liberty-STAR VCCS is the ideal combination of dependability and functionality. Specifically engineered to meet the needs of both civil and military air traffic control applications, the Liberty-STAR VCCS can provide greater than 99.9999% (six nines) availability while offering robust, easy-to-configure features, commercial off-the-shelf hardware and open-source software.



SwitchplusIP® Command-Center provides operators with a fully featured dispatch command and control system that can be expanded from the smallest single site system to the largest multi-site inter-agency and national system.