SOFIC 2019 | Special Operations Forces Industry Conference

Tampa Convention Center, Tampa, Florida, United States
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May 21, 2019
May 23, 2019

Harris delivers interoperable, scalable solutions to support Special Operation Forces in contested environments. Our solutions increase combat effectiveness—equipping warfighters with tommorrow's technology, today...

...for Mission Success

Harris AN/PRC-163 Army Radio Multi-Channel Handheld

The Harris AN/PRC-163 Army Radio provides simultaneous dual-channel operations and superior crossbanding to support networked voice, data and video up and down echelon. This versatile radio offers a lower-SWaP solution for operators on the move, satisfying multiple mission needs without having to carry several pieces of equipment.

RO Tactical SATCOM Handheld Radio

RO® Tactical SATCOM Radio

The Harris RO® tactical radio, based on Harris AssuredReach™ technology, goes to extremes to provide on-the-move (OTM), over-the-horizon (OTH) secure voice, data, and position location information in a ruggedized, field-proven handheld communications device.

Tactical Airborne Radios

Tactical Airborne Radios

Our ruggedized airborne radio solutions are SWaP-optimized for deployment in rotary or fixed wing aircraft, ground vehicles and unmanned aircraft systems delivering high-speed multiband voice, data and video.

F5032 Light Weight Binocular - tactical night vision goggles

Harris F5032 Lightweight Night Vision Binocular

A newly released night vision system that delivers a tactical advantage in low-light and no-light combat scenarios and provides improved operational performance and situational awareness.

Carriage and Release

Carriage and Release

Harris has pioneered the development of next generation pneumatic and electronically actuated systems, which reduce weight and operate in a cleaner way, prolonging service life and reducing maintenance costs. 

Antenna Products

Antenna Products

Harris offers a wide portfolio, providing customers thousands of distinct antenna apertures and functions to satisfy the needs for virtually any platform, from military and commercial aircraft, to ships and submarines, to ground vehicles and fixed site applications.


Designed with input from Public Safety professionals, the Harris XL-200P is the only full-spectrum, LTE-capable radio on the market today.

...for Spectrum Dominance

Electronic Warfare

Electronic Warfare

For 60 years, customers have turned to Harris capabilities in electronic warfare (EW) to dominate the electromagnetic spectrum. We provide the knowledge, technology and techniques needed for mission success against threats across air, land and sea domains.

Advanced Interference Mitigation System (AIMS)

Advanced Interference Mitigation System (AIMS)

AIMS uses our unrivaled interference cancellation technology to solve the hardest RF interference problems. It is adaptable to provide exactly the right level of performance, matched to the customer’s specific set of problems and constraints.

...for Situational Awareness

SmallSat Solutions

Harris is at the forefront of smallsat technology, building on our space and intelligence systems heritage to develop end-to-end smallsat solutions that deliver real value to our mission partners while reducing costs and concept-to-development timelines.

Space Payloads & Electronics

Harris is putting over five decades of space systems heritage to work to design and integrate agile and high-performance payloads that maximize mission performance.

Mobile Map/ FliteScene®

FliteScene® Digital Map

Harris FliteScene® Digital Map is a high performance, combat proven, feature rich, digital moving map software product that provides advanced situational awareness for the most demanding conditions faced by both civilian and military flight crews.