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Mar 10, 20208:00 am EDT
World ATM 2020

Building Tomorrow’s Air Traffic Solutions: Collaboration, Acceleration, Mission Excellence.
Learn how L3Harris meets the challenges of complex airspace. Our scalable communications and optimization technologies accelerate operations and prevent disruptions.

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ADS-B In Cockpit Solution is Yielding Positive Results
This new technology brings the same aircraft-specific data that ATC uses into the flight deck, and that allows flight crews to get a more complete picture of what the ADS-B equipped aircraft around them are doing,” Captain Surridge said. “That bigger picture enables us to make better decisions about how the current stage of the flight is going to be conducted.”
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L3Harris is Making Real-Time Airports a Reality
Air travelers around the world accept delays and inefficiencies as part of the airport experience when traveling, particularly around the holiday season – but do they need to be? L3Harris Technologies worked with UK NATS, the British air traffic services provider, to roll out a unique Demand Capacity Balancing (DCB) digital twin solution to streamline airport operations and ideally, make travel delays a thing of the past. 
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Delivering Airport Operational Excellence: Data Comm Saves FAA and Passengers Millions in Delays
2.8 million passengers fly in and out of airports in the United States every day. With passenger demand growing constantly, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and their partners must evolve by continually making operational improvements.
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Proven Air Traffic Optimization and Managed Services Solutions

Futuristic Telecommunications Infrastructure (FTI) India
Futuristic Telecommunications Infrastructure (FTI) India
The Futuristic Telecommunications Infrastructure (FTI) of India will serve as a communications gateway for air traffic operations across all Indian airspace. Together with the Airports Authority of India (AAI), L3Harris will migrate hundreds of telecommunications services onto the network to help accomplish their core mission: providing safety and promoting economic growth within the region. Learn More
Orthogon Airport and ATM Optimization Solutions
Orthogon Airport and ATM Optimization Solutions
Since 1987, Orthogon has led advancements in air traffic queue optimization, demand-capacity management, traffic-flow management and visualization solutions for the air traffic management (ATM) and airport industries. Based in Bremen, Germany, the Orthogon team is the backbone to providing value for our customers. Learn More
Voice Over Internet Protocol Communications Enterprise VOICE
Voice Over Internet Protocol Communications Enterprise (VOICE)
L3Harris’ VOICE ATM is a next-generation solution for air traffic control (ATC) that improves communication between air navigation service providers (ANSPs) and airline operators. Modernization of traditional communications systems significantly improves the overall safety, security and efficiency of global ATM operations. Learn More
ADS-B Transponder and Display Systems
ADS-B Transponder and Display Systems
L3Harris' patented Lynx family of ADS-B transponders goes well beyond the capabilities of a typical system by offering an array of new-generation features and capabilities. For example, the Lynx NGT-9000 introduces the convenience of touchscreen control. It operates like your favorite tablet or smartphone, displaying traffic, weather or terrain via Lynx’s unique resistive touch screen. Learn More
Radome Solutions
Radome Solutions
ESSCO has been a Radome leader for over 50 years. Our acquisition by L3Harris, a Fortune 250 company, provided ESSCO with the financial stability to fund our continued growth and product development and access to immense technical expertise and resources.
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Mobile ATM (GCA)
ADS-B Transponder and Display Systems
The GCA-2020 is an airport surveillance radar (ASR), precision approach radar (PAR) and secondary surveillance radar (SSR) system providing high-performance target detection in the airspace around an airport or air base. Simultaneous ASR, PAR and SSR operations from the single sensor provide accurate display of all three types of radar data. Learn More