WorldView-4 Launch

Vandenberg Air Force Base, California, United States
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Nov 11, 20161:30 pm EDT
WorldView-4 Launch Event

Launch Update

The WorldView-4 satellite for DigitalGlobe launched on Nov. 11, 2016. An Atlas V launched the satellite from Space Launch Complex-3 at Vandenberg Air Force Base in California.

The satellite is the latest addition to the DigitalGlobe constellation of satellites, which provides the highest quality views of the world to customers around the globe.

Learn more about WorldView-4’s first image.

Harris, a longtime partner of DigitalGlobe and the premier commercial Earth observation payload provider, developed the SpaceView™ 110 imaging system that will be on board the satellite.

WorldView-4 will enable expanded capability in the collection of sub-meter imagery to help solve real-world problems. The Harris SpaceView™ line of optical imaging systems offers a broad spectral range of high-resolution optical payloads. The SpaceView™ 110 solution for WorldView-4 will provide the highest resolution satellite imagery commercially available.

From an altitude of 617 kilometers, the WorldView-4 imaging payload is capable of collecting imagery with a panchromatic resolution of 31 centimeters and 1.24 meter multispectral resolution. This means that the sensor is capable of capturing data points that are just over a foot apart.

To learn more about the impressive features of SpaceView™ 110, visit the Commercial Imaging Payloads page

To learn more about how DigitalGlobe solves real-world problems and for more information about the upcoming launch, visit their WorldView-4 countdown website.