For U.S. Naval airmen and women piloting F/A-18 Hornets, this reality cannot be avoided, even for one second, while they are deployed in critical missions in the air.

Signal detection and aircraft protection are paramount. What keeps these warfighters safe is Harris’ radio frequency (RF) jamming system, the AN/ALQ-214 On-Board Jammer, a self-protection subsystem that is a critical component of the U.S. Naval Air System Command’s Integrated Defensive Electronic Countermeasures (IDECM) suite.

“As one of the most sophisticated RF radio jammers available, the Harris ALQ-214 team ensures that the self-protection system is seamlessly integrated with the embedded IDECM suite avionics subsystems on the F/A-18,” said Bob Filoramo, Senior Program Manager of IDECM at Harris Electronic Systems.

As pilots power up their aircraft, safety must lead the mission. Harris develops these systems with the impetus that lives truly depend on it.

“Safety for our U.S. servicemen and women is our utmost priority at Harris,” continued Filoramo. “It is imperative that warfighters have confidence in our systems integration. Before we install any self-protection system, every engineer on the IDECM suite affirms they would feel confident putting themselves or even their own children on an aircraft expected to fly into contested airspace. Our team is 100 percent committed to the warfighter and ensuring their safe return home unscathed and mission completed.”

Harris has consistently delivered silent, on-and-ready AN/ALQ-214 self-protection systems for more than 18 years, ensuring U.S. Navy pilots the ability to act and engage in a second’s notice against unseen threats, protecting their aircraft and their lives.