Visas are processed more expeditiously and accurately, with more precise information

Millions of people travel to the United States each year. Whether they are visitors or immigrants, most need visas. At the same time, millions of Americans travel abroad each year. They all need passports and sometimes on short notice.

So how, exactly, do all of these requests get processed?

Via the secure web portals and online forms developed by Harris to make the process of processing and tracking visas more efficient. Harris technology reduces the time consular personnel spend on data entry by 90 percent, freeing U.S. officials to concentrate on applicants’ eligibility for visas.

Interfacing with databases maintained by the Department of Homeland Security, Federal Bureau of Investigation and other agencies, adjudicators can perform counterterrorism and other critical background checks. The integrated process benefits applicants, while helping to ensure that only those who qualify to enter the U.S. are granted visas.

For nearly 20 years, the U.S. Department of State has relied on Harris to develop and integrate the vital technology that enables officials to properly issue visas to qualified applicants at our more than 250 embassies and consulates worldwide and U.S. passports at passport agencies stateside, as well as at embassies and consulates overseas.

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