The proliferation of threats along the electromagnetic spectrum has sped the requirement for higher grade military advancements. Harris responds to the allied warfighters’ needs through innovative technologies that detect, defend and deny threats and allow the warfighter the ability to accomplish the mission and return home safely.

Harris made this possible for international allies fighting the invisible war across the spectrum with the Advanced Integrated Defensive Electronic Warfare Suite (AIDEWS). This advanced electronic warfare system protects allied F-16s, special operations aircraft and pilots navigating sensitive geopolitical regions to complete critical missions.

“As our international allies are operating within contested environments, it is absolutely critical that they are using the most advanced radar warning and signal jamming systems to detect and defend against adversaries,” said Stuart Altman, AIDEWS program manager at Harris. “We heard our customers’ demand loud and clear for more integrated systems, so we redesigned the existing systems to meet their advanced and most critical mission needs.”

With more than 200 systems delivered to six allied countries, AIDEWS was designed to fit inside F-16s currently in production, building hardware, software and firmware into one combined package. This design eliminated the need for aircraft wiring changes while also enabling the ability to upgrade the system more efficiently in the future. The same system is also packaged into an external pod, providing advanced radar warning and jamming for legacy F-16 aircraft that do not have available space onboard. With AIDEWS, warfighters on the front lines are better protected from adversaries’ electronic threats.

Altman continued, “AIDEWS has and will continue to be our promise to provide our international allies with the systems they need to protect their platforms – and lives – while on the front lines of the ever-evolving invisible war around the world.”