Protecting our borders, citizens, and critical infrastructure has become increasingly complex. Today, monitoring for illegal and threatening activities requires a solution that gives our security and law enforcement professionals a big-picture view so they can observe activity, track movement, and gather critical intelligence more effectively and efficiently than with traditional full-motion video (FMV) systems alone.

“If you've watched a police car chase on the news, you've seen full-motion video in action," says Jason Baker, product manager in L3Harris’ Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR) business unit. "FMV offers high resolution, enabling users to zoom in on people or license plates. But it provides only a narrow field of view. For instance, if the FMV sensor is pointed at a car, the viewer misses the activity around it.”

L3Harris’ CorvusEye® 1500 addresses this crucial gap in information. A commercialized version of the company’s proven wide area motion imagery (WAMI) technology for the U.S Department of Defense, CorvusEye® 1500 is easily attached to a small aircraft to view an area the size of a typical city.

“In that car chase scenario, for example, CorvusEye® 1500 would not get the high-resolution detail of the FMV, but it would let you see the other cars involved in the chase, follow multiple cars across the region, or view the surrounding area—all of which are critical to the operation,” explains Baker. “It allows you to track movement to establish patterns of life, such as social interactions, destinations, and origins of travel—day and night.” Also with CorvusEye® 1500, a user can monitor up to 10 independent regions of interest simultaneously, and multiple users can stream the content most relevant to them. Users can pause, rewind, and play back system feeds as needed.

“Let's say we have a security team responsible for protecting a major event that will be attended by thousands of people. CorvusEye® 1500 is the ‘eye in the sky’ that provides a real-time view of the entire region. Security personnel can zoom in to watch key entry and exit points, set up watch boxes or tripwires to alert them of unusual activity, and track multiple moving objects concurrently," said Baker. “It’s a powerful forensic tool to have in your arsenal.”

While traditional video surveillance systems are a good start to help protect people, borders, critical infrastructure and other assets, they are limited by their inability to show the bigger picture. The CorvusEye® 1500 system provides the more comprehensive view needed for better situational awareness and, with its automated tools, helps security and law enforcement teams gather critical intelligence more quickly for use in making faster and higher confidence decisions.