It’s no surprise that Harris is committed to exceeding expectations, and is passionate about our customers’ success. It shows in the quality of our products and our dedication to our customers.

Recently, one of Harris’ customers in the Middle East was looking to upgrade its aging fleet of Harris, Magnavox and Motorola radios. When faced with the decision of which radio manufacturer to choose, the answer was obvious.

“We have been using the Harris Falcon I HF radios for 25 years,” the customer said. “Whenever we need help from Harris, they are here. If I am using the same radio for 25 years and it is still working, why would I consider purchasing any other kind of radio?” 

And with that logic, the commander requested the necessary budget and justification to standardize its entire inventory of communications equipment to Harris products.

“Our goal at Harris is to obtain the highest quality results by always improving and answering the needs of our customers,” said Steve Marschilok, Middle East regional managing director. “In this case, we continue to build upon a partnership that’s been around for a long time and we’re proud of that.”