When first responders receive a call to duty in the dark of night, visibility becomes a critical component of the mission success.

Harris Night Vision has led the night vision industry for more than 50 years, producing more night vision devices than all competitors combined. Harris has a long-standing history with pilots around the world and is the first choice for global aviators.

On February 6, 2018, the Phoenix Police Department and Technical Rescue Teams put their trust in Harris Night Vision goggles to rescue a stranded hiker.

The Situation: Arizona hiker stranded in steep terrain on Camelback Mountain

The Phoenix Police Department was quick to respond to a call to assist an Arizona woman who was off the Camelback Mountain trail and stranded in a very steep area.

Scott Hopkins, a rescue pilot with the Phoenix Police Department, flew to the scene with his technical flight officer and the Phoenix Fire Technical Rescue Team. A second police helicopter provided support by shining a spotlight on the hiker.

Hopkins and his team faced a challenging and very dangerous situation that required coordinated communication and the use of night vision technology. Adding to the difficulty of reaching the hiker in rocky terrain, the wind continued to pick up, making the night-time rescue even more complicated.

Hopkins called it “one of the hardest rescues of his career.”

The Results: Successfully completing their first-ever night vision hoist rescue

With the help of the Harris Night Vision technology, the Arizona hiker was unharmed and successfully rescued. “It was a highly precise maneuver,” Hopkins noted, describing how the helicopter had to be kept steady and away from the rocky terrain in the wind.

He credited his rescue team’s communication skills and night vision goggles for completing the mission safely. “We've rescued at night, but never with night vision goggles. It is an outstanding asset to have,” he explained.

With Harris Night Vision technology, first responders can remain focused on the task at hand and depend on us for enhanced threat detection and highest-quality performance. Whether in the public safety domain or in battle, our customers know they can count on Harris Night Vision to accomplish the mission!