“That one key-up of my Harris radio gave me my life,” said Robin Hopkins, Sheriff’s Deputy (retired) Bernalillo County, NM. 

Deputy Hopkins was critically injured in 2013 when an active shooter went on a shooting spree, targeting law enforcement, in the streets of Albuquerque, New Mexico.  A gunman with an AK-47 assault rifle ambushed and shot two Albuquerque police officers. While in pursuit of the suspect, Deputy Hopkins received a life-threatening wound when the suspect shot several times at her patrol car.

With a gunshot wound to her femoral artery, Deputy Hopkins was losing blood fast and only had seconds left before she lost consciousness.  In those seconds, she had just enough strength to key up her radio and provide her location.

“My radio saved my life in a way I didn’t expect,” said Deputy Hopkins. “It gave me hope, because I knew I had been heard.  That was everything.”  Thanks to that radio transmission, help quickly arrived on the scene.

Still in recovery more than six years later, Deputy Hopkins now shares her powerful story with others, using local news footage, officer body-worn camera footage and bystander cell phone video.

“My boys have a mom today, because of that radio,” she says.

Deputy Robin Hopkins Survival Story

Robin Hopkins, Sheriff’s Deputy (retired) Bernalillo County, NM, addresses Harris Corporation employees, sharing how her Harris radio played a key part in her amazing story of survival.