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Advance your coalition success with the AN/PRC-117G
The industry's
first and only radio
with NINE Suite B
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Coalition interoperability just got easier

Speed responses to domestic threats. With NINE Suite B, forces have the freedom to key their AN/PRC‑117G independently. Mission deployment is accelerated with abilities to quickly switch between U.S./ NATO and sovereign networks.

Gain more flexibility for field training. Suite B allows nations to carry out real-world field training exercises using the full capabilities of the AN/PRC‑117G. Planning and provisioning tactical networks are faster, less complex without having to maintain two separate radio systems.

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Instantly expand global support by connecting with fielded 117Gs anytime, anywhere in the world

Expand options with multiband tactical intelligence. Now you can plan on the power of wideband, narrowband and SATCOM capabilities, increasing your mission’s ISR advantages.

Add high-speed video, graphics and data to your arsenal. Get the tactical edge sharing big-bandwidth intelligence and an always up-to-date Common Operational Picture.

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Increased tempo advances mission effectiveness

Quickly, easily connect NATO and U.S. support with your domestic forces. Suite B supports turnkey interoperability and network access.

Stay armed against future threats. The 117G is software defined, protecting your tactical radio investment and your forces. As new battlefield challenges arise, in-field updates allow nations to expand encrypted connectivity with multiple regional partners.

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