Multi-channel Handheld

Edge. Mobile. Air. No Boundaries.

User Experience

Warfighters stay agile with
multi-channel capabilities,
compact lightweight design and
intuitive interface

Explore the Features of the AN/PRC-163 Radio

Integrated Soldier Experience

  • Leverages new Audio/Data/Fill for integrated audio/EUD
  • Breakout for end user apps and device charging
  • 2-channel voice and integrated PTT
  • EUD applications for C2View (ISR Video) and remote Keypad Display Unit

Mission Flexibility

Industry-leading technologies
engineered to scale with
changing mission needs

Supports More Waveforms
Than Any Handheld Ever Built

Capabilities of 5 Radios
Engineered Into 1 Handheld

Converged Technologies
All in One Handheld

Commanders and forward teams simultaneously
share voice, video and data without having
to carry multiple radio and battery types.

Narrowband Handheld Radio
Wideband MANET Handheld Radio
ISR Receiver
Defense Advanced GPS Receiver (DAGR)
Signals-Based Threat Warning Receiver

Critical Communications Bridge

Multiple combinations of voice, ISR, data and SATCOM
to adapt to any mission requirement.

Relevance Today and Tomorrow

Software upgradable:
  • Denali® Crypto Modernization updates
  • Modern LPI/LPD
Mission Module expandable:
  • Real-time ISR video
  • Iridium SATCOM
  • Emerging capabilities
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