Get critical team communications—fast, easy and secure—at no cost*

  • Use your smartphone or tablet like an emergency walkie talkie—just push-to-talk
  • Use your own Android and Apple® iOS smartphones, tablets and Windows® PCs to connect anywhere Wi-Fi® and LTE is available. No additional equipment is needed
  • Share up-to-the-moment voice and data with individuals and teams
  • Locate and track availability of out-of-building healthcare workers
  • Instant replay of missed calls and automatic call logging allows staff to get vital patient and team information
  • Protect information with the same encrypted technologies used by police, fire and rescue

Quickly communicate with groups of users at the touch of a button

Send critical updates to
team members via
group text

Track location and availability of
out-of-building teams
Today’s healthcare workers are setting a new standard for courage in the face of adversity. To aid in your efforts, L3Harris and our partner, RACOM, are offering a powerful, secure solution for your urgent communications. Our BeOn® Group Communications Service is now available at no cost*
*This service is offered now for 90 days at no-cost. Customers must enroll by August 31, 2020. Additional terms and conditions apply during the promotional period.

Simple to activate and use

  1. Your system administrator contacts L3Harris to set up user accounts
  2. Users download the free BeOn app from the Google Play store or Apple® App store
  3. Once app is downloaded, L3Harris will provide device configuration instructions to connect with the BeOn Host Server
  4. Users sign on and start using BeOn service provided by RACOM
  5. Although BeOn is simple to use, L3Harris will provide you with a link to user videos specific to Apple® iOS and Android phones

Trust L3Harris When It Matters Most

L3Harris is a market leader in military and first responder communications systems now in use all around the world. When you connect your teams with BeOn, they will be using the same encrypted secure communications trusted for decades by police, fire and rescue departments across our nation.

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