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Thank you for all you are doing to support your communities during these challenging times. The health and safety of the people you serve—as well as your staff—are top priorities for you, and for us. We are committed to supporting your efforts and want to offer you two powerful technologies for your critical communications needs—BeOn® PTT Service and VIP Remote Dispatch Solution. BeOn® Push-To-Talk is now available to you at no cost*

BeOn provides secure critical communications—quickly and easily

BeOn improves emergency response coordination through quick connectivity with multiple talks groups and P25 communications with Public Safety, Utility, Transportation, Education and Government agencies.
  • Uses Wi-Fi® and LTE regardless of your cellular provider
  • Compatible with Android™ and Apple® iOS smart phones, tablets and Windows® PCs. Uses the existing BeOn application in your VIDA® Core
  • Share up-to-the-moment voice and data with individuals, groups and agencies at the touch of a button
  • Locate and track availability of in-field staff
  • Instant replay of missed calls and automatic call logging
  • End-to-end voice and data encryption

Quickly communicate with individuals and talk groups at the touch of a button

Send critical updates to
team members via
group text

Track location and availability of
in-field personnel

BeOn is simple to activate and use

  1. Your system administrator contacts L3Harris to request a new Core license to allow additional BeOn clients to operate on your VIDA system. See the Terms and Conditions for additional ordering information.
  2. Users download the free BeOn app from the Google Play™ store or Apple® App store
  3. Once app is downloaded, L3Harris will provide device configuration instructions to connect your BeOn Host server
  4. Users sign on and start connecting.

*Terms and Conditions

Now your dispatchers can work remotely anywhere, anytime with our VIP Dispatch Console. All it takes is a quick Windows®-based application installation and activation on your VIDA® system.

Powerful, Compact Communications for Remote Dispatch

  • No extra equipment required, runs on standard Windows-based PCs or desktops
  • Dispatchers can monitor up to 4 talk groups
  • Operates on a secure, flexible IP network
  • Supports multiple vocoders, VIDA P25 and OpenSky® systems
  • Intuitive design simplifies radio comms monitoring
  • Voice-over-IP technology supports interoperability between multiple radio systems
  • End-to-end encryption helps protect sensitive information
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