L3Harris Falcon® IV Family of Radios

Voice. Video. Data.
All in one.



Real-Time Common Operational Picture

  • Dual-channel, simultaneous crossbanding; each channel with independent voice, ISR video and data
  • Swiftly connects every echelon for more informed decision making
  • Talk groups prioritize information on a need-to-know basis
  • Second channel for critical redundancy

Rich Intel

High-speed, Rich Intel

  • Extended wideband increases Situational Awareness throughput including HD Full Motion Video
  • Self-forming, self-healing tactical MANET networking simplifies communications and enhances edge warfighter agility

Robust, Resilient

Robust, Resilient Communications

  • Broad portfolio of waveforms for Line-Of-Sight and Beyond-Line-Of-Sight connectivity
  • Latest ECCM technologies support clear, reliable communications in contested environments


Global Connectivity

  • MUOS-ready technologies and legacy SATCOM ensure warfighter connectivity in austere and extreme environments


Multi-Mission Versatility

  • Multiple technologies converged into a single radio, eliminating the need to carry numerous devices
  • Flexible handheld and manpack form factors answer unique needs of dismount, vehicular and edge forces



  • Software-defined architecture supports in-field updates to emerging capabilities
  • Encryption is also software-defined, providing fast security upgrades and ability to wipe to zero if radio custody is at risk
  • Mission Modules with standard interfaces allow adding new applications without radio platform hardware changes

with Proven

Ease-of-Use with Proven Interoperability

  • Familiar Falcon® interface reduces training time and speeds deployment
  • Communications are fully interoperable with DoD and Coalition forces
  • Standard hardware interfaces work with existing tactical equipment, reducing costs

Compact and

Compact and Lightweight

  • SWaP-optimized to reduce warfighter burden and provide more flexibility for mounted configurations
  • Multi-channel power management optimizes battery life for every mission

Falcon® Legacy
With more than six decades of tactical expertise and over one million radios deployed, L3Harris is the global technology leader connecting ground, air, sea and space with reliable, secure mission-critical tactical communications.

Falcon® 1990
  • High Frequency (HF)
  • Mounted and dismounted
  • External crypto

Falcon II® 1996
  • Manpack (MP) form factor
  • HF/VHF/Multiband
  • Tactical SATCOM (TacSat) capable

Falcon III® 2007
  • Multi-mission
  • Handheld (HH) & Manpack (MP)
  • Soldier Personal Radio
  • Tactical Networking - ANW2®C

Falcon® IV 2019
  • Multi-channel
  • Extended/Ultra Wideband
  • Crossbanding
  • Mission Modules
  • Software based encryption
  • Multi-channel power management

Falcon Net
The tightly integrated technologies of the L3Harris Falcon Net Ecosystem provide rich Situational Awareness through advanced waveforms, tactical applications and services for unmatched interoperability with existing communication infrastructures.

Combined with the Falcon IV Family of Radios, L3Harris provides superior warfighter agility that takes and holds the battlefield advantage.

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