Real-time Situational Awareness. Streaming video. PTT coverage that goes beyond regional boundaries. L3Harris has merged Land Mobile Radio with powerful LTE connectivity to deliver robust voice communications along with image and video sharing capabilities–placing Situational Awareness front and center. With powerful technology at your fingertips, you can stay connected and better informed where you're needed.

XL-185M P25 Mobile Radio for Public Safety

Converged LTE solutions for greater connectivity

When it comes to harnessing the power of voice-data convergence, L3Harris is all in.

We launched the first and only LMR with built-in LTE, and we keep innovating with hardware, software, partnerships and services to maximize all the advantages of broadband connectivity.

the XL Family of portable two-way P25 radios

The first and only converged single and multiband LMR with LTE.

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Tait UnifyVehicle Network Computing Platform
L3Harris Unified Vehicle, powered by Tait

Creates a mobile, vehicular network on-the-go for your vehicle—leveraging connectivity through LMR, Wi-Fi® and Bluetooth®.

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BeOn Mobile P25 PTT Application
BeOn® Push-To-Talk

Extends beyond jurisdictional boundaries, over state lines and across the country, even on your team’s smart phones.

Introducing the XL‑185M P25 Mobile Radio

XL-185M P25 Mobile Radio for Public Safety

Introducing the XL‑185M P25 Mobile Radio

The XL-185M is a rugged, single-band mobile radio providing crystal-clear audio, an intuitive user experience and more ways to connect. We looked at the unique demands of utilities and public safety and engineered the XL-185M to help keep you connected and productive every day.

Audio Excellence Includes up to 5 speaker outputs and a tough, ergonomic digital microphone that delivers crystal clear audio and advanced noise cancellation.

Intuitive User Interface Features a high-visibility 3.3-inch color LCD display, 8 programmable buttons and simple menu access.

Rugged and Reliable Meets MIL-STD-810G standards for tough conditions.

LTE-Capable Field upgradeable to become an on-the-go communications hub with LTE and broadband connectivity.*
* Future release

Standard Wi-Fi®, Bluetooth® and GPS Enhanced connectivity options come standard so you can go more places.

Secure Communications End-to-end encryption and hardened systems help meet Federal Information Assurance and network security standards.

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You need to connect and support First Responders every way possible. We’re making that simpler and more affordable than ever. Now, your team can roll with mobile 4G LTE broadband connectivity on a reliable, nationwide network…set up and managed directly through L3Harris.

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