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On a moment’s notice, your team springs to action, performing crucial, often lifesaving work. Reliable mission-critical communication is essential to your success. Our job is to support you. That's why we spend time in the field, see and listen to your challenges, and then create technology to help you meet them with confidence.

Converged LTE solutions for greater connectivity

When it comes to harnessing the power of voice-data convergence, Harris is all in.

We launched the first and only LMR with built-in LTE, and we keep innovating with hardware, software, partnerships and services to maximize all the advantages of broadband connectivity.

the XL Family of portable two-way P25 radios

The first and only converged single- and multi-band LMR with LTE.

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Tait UnifyVehicle Network Computing Platform
Harris Unified Vehicle, powered by Tait

Creates a mobile, vehicular network on-the-go for your vehicle—leveraging connectivity through LMR, Wi-Fi® and Bluetooth®.

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BeOn Mobile P25 PTT Application
BeOn® Push-To-Talk

Extends beyond jurisdictional boundaries, over state lines and across the country, even on your team’s smart phones.

Roll Out With Broadband | Broadband Managed Services


You need to connect and support First Responders every way possible. We’re making that simpler and more affordable than ever. Now, your team can roll with mobile 4G LTE broadband connectivity on a reliable, nationwide network…set up and managed directly through Harris.

P25 and DMR solutions

End-to-End Systems that Deliver the Power of Choice

Secure, reliable DMR and P25 two-way radio solutions for First Responders

Choose from a full portfolio of rugged and reliable handhelds and portables

Loud, clear audio with multiple encryption options
Versatile, ergonomic design
Advanced connectivity, including GPS, Wi-Fi® and Bluetooth®
Intrinsically safe configurations available

More Ways to Stay Connected Solutions supporting UHF, VHF, 700/800 and 900 MHz frequencies, plus Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Cellular/LTE.

Genuine Interoperability Open standards provide you more choices and greater flexibility of networks, devices and applications.

Smooth Migration Cost-effective, flexible paths to migration that interface with both standards-based and proprietary systems.

VIDA Core logo
Scalable connectivity starts with the VIDA Core network

This scalable, affordable network solution supports voice, data and applications across LMR and LTE networks.

Interoperable: The standards-based P25 Core’s modular design lets you add features and applications as needed
Improved Situational Awareness: GPS location tracking means enhanced team member safety and a clear view of resources
Fully Virtualized Core: Ready for the cloud and engineered with a tiered architecture and built-in redundancy
Symphony Dispatch Console
Stay on top of the mission with Symphony Dispatch Console

When first responders put their lives on the line, every connection counts. Symphony delivers mission-critical communications on P25, OpenSky® and NetworkFirst® systems.

Integrated Dispatch Experience: Best-in-class support for SIP Telephone Services, enhanced Request To Talk and Status/Message Workflow Management, and BeOn PTT integration
Intuitive Interface: Patented Baton interface makes it easy to keep eyes on what’s most important, while P25 Status/Message and eRTT services support efficient workflow
Fast, Flexible Text Messaging: Users can receive pre-defined or freeform messages, improving situation intelligence and communication

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