Your Utility Cooperative has a vital job. Staying connected isn’t just convenient, it’s a requirement. DMR portable radios offer more reliability and functionality than ever before. Clear, consistent audio quality. Encrypted transmissions. Built-in features to enhance safety. And Harris—the name Soldiers and First Responders trust—makes digital affordable so you can focus on keeping the lights on.

Introducing the new TP3000 series

Robust DMR Performance

Economical dual-mode operation: Digital DMR Tier 2 and Analog

Feature Rich

IP67 rated for dust and liquids, with voice annunciation and ARC4 encryption

Enhanced Worker Safety

Built-in emergency button, GPS and Man Down sensor on the TP3350


Multiple colored cover options, three upgradeable keypad options and personalized labeling for fast identification

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Check out our complete portfolio of DMR Solutions

Includes portables and mobiles, base stations, terminals and network solutions.


DMR Tier 2 & 3 solutions

Rugged, multimode systems ideal for Utility Cooperatives

Count on Harris for a robust, end-to-end portfolio of DMR Tier 2 systems, terminals and applications providing enhanced workforce safety and greater operational efficiencies.

Rugged, multimode systems ideal for public agencies and private enterprise
Smooth Migration

Cost-effective, flexible paths to migration, allowing you to use both analog and digital systems.

Genuine Interoperability

Open standards-based design gives you more choices of networks, devices and applications.

More Ways To Stay Connected

Dual-mode and multimode solutions supporting UHF, VHF, 220 MHz, 700/800 and 900 MHz frequencies, plus GPS and Bluetooth®.

Automatically more efficient with GridLink

Wide-area, trunked digital radio coverage delivers a Distribution Automation solution for greater visibility and control of your grid.

Reduces cost: A single wide-area DMR network for voice and data
Improves performance: Real-time grid monitoring and control
Enhances worker safety: Rapid incident identification and response
Greater flexibility: Modular solution scales with business needs
Enhance Worker Safety

Harris Utility Solutions help monitor worker status in the field.

Loud, clear audio: Reliable coverage combined with advanced noise cancellation helps messages come through clearly
Location services: Built-in GPS lets you know the location of workers and assets for critical Situational Awareness
Man Down notification: Built-in sensor detects when the radio is horizontal and declares an emergency if it is “down” too long
Lone Worker: Keeps dispatch informed about worker status by pinging radio and awaiting a positive response

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