Commercial Airspace

Harris is modernizing airports, airlines and the global Air Traffic Management (ATM) system to meet the demands of the next generation of air travel.

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Harris Corporation Connected Airspace Mission

Voice communications tools for safer traffic management

• Unlock next generation voice communications for controller and pilot
• Modernize air traffic management systems for zero interruptions

Integrated air traffic control tools for arrival/departure

• Optimize airspace for better runway usage
• Integrate air traffic tools for more flexibility
• Connect with wireless broadband across the entire airport
• Reduce environmental impacts like noise and fuel burn with airfield apps

Weather services for avoiding delays

  • Harris provides the widest variety of aviation weather data services
  • Our solutions provide weather data for pilots and controllers
  • We provide satellite data, radar and Notice to Airmen messages 
  • Our systems also support search-and-rescue operations and automated flight-planning

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