Connected Battlefield

Mission-critical battlefield solutions to connect, inform and protect warfighters.

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Connected Battlefield

Expand your range

  • Collect and send images, video and sensor information from aerial vantage point
  • Relay for Beyond-Line-Of-Sight ground communications
  • Perform reconnaissance and surveillance
  • Use spectrum superiority to detect, deny, disrupt, defeat the threat
  • Provide seamless, real time multi-function capability with small form factor electronic warfare that is software definable and mission programmable

Stealth air-to-air communications

  • Fast switching, highly directional, very broadband
  • Low profile airborne apertures
  • Multi-functional and adaptive to a variety of mission platforms

Sharing information across the battlefield

  • Comprehensive common operational picture shared across all battlefield echelons
  • Supports collaborative mission planning and better-informed decisions
  • Robust tactical network to gather and share information throughout the battlefield (Edge, Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, Platoon, Headquarters) 

Tactical networks for advanced force connection

  • Stay connected with self configuring Mobile Ad Hoc Networks (MANET)
  • Mobile forces can share high-bandwidth intelligence up to 428 mbps
  • Critical information relayed through the mobile commander
  • Agility to move from vehicle to vehicle
  • Connecting multiple radios and systems to a single network

Real-time warfighter awareness

For the warfighter on the ground, the Harris family of radios, receivers and processors provides crucial communications in situations where split-second decisions are lifesaving. In addition to reliable and secure communications, Harris is also the premier provider of vision-enhancing solutions to the military. Harris night vision and vision-enhancing technology enables service men and women to effectively complete their missions and safely avoid threats.

  • Network connectivity in extreme environments
  • Gather and share information to and from command
  • Increase warfighter situational awareness during day or night missions

Connecting echelons Beyond Line of Sight (BLOS)

Forces are more agile with MUOS, gaining greater access to Situational Awareness without the need to stop and point an antenna. Warfighters on the move stay focused on their mission, and commanders have a global reach for time-critical intelligence to make more-informed decisions.

  • Expand communications footprint with satellites
  • Connect from Tactical Operations Center to Battalion to Headquarters
  • Long-haul Beyond-Line-Of-Sight communications
  • High Frequency radios provide long-range communications without infrastructure and in satellite-contested environments

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