Connecting the Battlespace

Harris delivers next generation solutions to seamlessly connect the battlespace to solve your mission challenges.

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Dismounted Soldier

Staying agile is critical for dismount commanders and soldiers. To remain safe and effective, they need the latest Blue and Red Force Tracking, ISR and Situational Awareness, and a way to quickly and clearly communicate changes up and down echelon.

Rotary Wing Aircraft

Airborne forces must supply critical ISR and extend ground communications Beyond-Line-Of-Sight during operations in geographically challenging environments.

Maritime Solutions

Navys face a variety of dangers in today’s seas. Harris electronic support measures offer unparalleled situational awareness and threat detection, integrated self-protection systems and robust electronic attack capabilities. L3Harris advanced sonar capabilities provide vessels the ability to avoid subsurface obstacles and sea mines. L3Harris command and control solutions integrate combat systems onboard ships, providing operators with improved situational awareness, decision support and complete control of weapons and sensors.

Harris Corporation T7™ Multi-Mission Robot on an EOD Mission

The T7 robotic system from Harris Corporation provides best-in-class mobility, manipulation, and intuitive control, delivering uncompromising performance for a variety of missions including bomb disposal.


Robotic technology is increasingly deployed on high-risk missions to protect lives. Harris has developed world-class technologies that extend the reach of first responders, giving robots human-like dexterity while maximizing operator safety.

Combat Vehicle

Warfighters in combat vehicles depend on L3Harris solutions to assist in navigating through dangerous territory. L3Harris technology enables them to communicate safely and securely with each other and with commanders on base via secure remote and portable networks. With safety an issue at every turn, L3Harris systems such as EGON address emerging radio-controlled IED threats, providing safety and reliability to successfully complete each mission.

Combat Aircraft

For decades, Harris has developed and delivered technologies that provide the F/A-18 with the communications, situational awareness, electronic warfare and payload delivery capabilities that aviators depend on to accomplish their missions and get home safely. From advanced processors and networking systems to fiber optics and conformal wideband antennas, Harris avionics ensure that the F/A-18 continually performs at the cutting edge and that critical information is always at the aviator’s fingertips.

Surveillance and Radar

Harris defense surveillance radar systems provide our customers unmatched operational availability, modes for multiple threats, weather detection and various configurations for shipboard and land based operations. These radars provide high operational availability and feature solid-state transmitters, digital receiver/synthesizers, open architecture processors and unique waveform suites and modes.



About Harris

Harris Corporation is a leading technology innovator, solving customers’ toughest mission-critical challenges by providing solutions that connect, inform and protect. Harris supports government and commercial customers around the world.


Communication Systems

Tactical and airborne radios, night vision technology, and defense and public safety networks

Electronic Systems

Extensive portfolio serving the defense industry with electronic warfare, avionics, robotics, advanced communications and maritime systems as well as air traffic management solutions for the civil aviation industry

Space and Intelligence Systems

Complete Earth observation, weather, geospatial, space protection and intelligence solutions from advanced sensors and payloads, as well as ground processing and information analytics

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