Harris has re-engineered the technology used in large legacy systems and payloads to create more affordable, end-to-end mission solutions, making space more affordable.

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Regongifural Harris AppSTAR paylaod on an Iridium NEXT satellite

Enable multiple missions on single satellite with reconfigurable payloads

• Software-defined Harris AppSTAR™ accommodates multiple missions in a single payload
• Missions are more affordable and offer unprecedented flexibility
• Harris delivered 81 Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B) payloads for the world’s first space-based global air traffic surveillance service

L3Harris Corporation: End-to-End SmallSat Solutions

L3Harris Corporation has re-engineered the technology used in these large systems, creating affordable, end-to-end mission solutions leveraging smallsats.

Provide quick, affordable access to space with smallsat technologies

• End-to-end mission solutions including the satellite, state-of-the-art payloads, and ground mission management
• Small Satellites with fully integrated processing payloads, light-weight deployable antennas, and market-leading capabilities like HyperCube™ and SpaceView™ imaging systems

5 m Mesh Reflector

Deliver reliable communications with advanced antennas

• Harris is the world leader in unfurlable mesh reflectors with over 80 in orbit, more than any other company
• Our unfurlable reflectors reduce launch cost and increase profitability through lower stowed volumes that enable multiple satellites to share the same launch vehicle and leave room for additional antennas and data capacity
• Harris offers flight proven, next generation Ka-band unfurlable reflectors for High Throughput Satellites (HTS)

Satellite with SpaceView 50 payload

See Earth more clearly with advanced imaging and optics

• Provides highest resolution imaging commercially available (10 inches between points)
• Supports smallsat applications through SpaceView™ imaging product line
• Tailored to support different applications like forestry, agriculture, mapping, mining, oil and gas, and urban planning

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