Next Generation First Responder

Enabling the next generation of first responders to stay connected.

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Next Generation First Responder

Next-Generation devices deliver seamless communication

  • Connect with anyone, anytime with the XL-200P— the industry’s only full-spectrum LTE-ready radio
  • Standards-based devices enable interoperable communications between radios from different vendors

Smart coordination for on-demand data

  • Access real-time weather intelligence lets search and rescue teams focus only on their mission
  • Get safe, eyes-on insight with live-streaming from video-enabled drone
  • Get the exact information you need to complete your mission with on-demand data and powerful filtering tools
  • Immediate access to on premises and 3rd party data, all in a single, seamless platform

Immediate interaction with the public improves priority assignments

  • Connect and dispatch resources wisely and quickly with the Symphony Dispatch Console
  • Take control on scene with Crescendo™ Incident Command
  • Respond more safely and quickly with improved situational awareness — anywhere you are
  • Improving distribution grid operations with real-time remote monitoring and control of grid assets
  • Highly scalable solution for a utility to deploy a small number of GridLink data terminals and then gradually scale up the solution, pole-by-pole, to a grid-wide system

Urgently responding to those in need when seconds count

  • Integrated intelligence to create and share real-time mission information
  • Faster, safer response with enhanced situational awareness that travels with you
  • Real-time dispatch monitoring of first responder’s environment
  • Integrated solution providing advanced facial recognition technology for more accurate threat identification

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