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Space and Intelligence Systems: Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Capability Highlight

L3Harris provides government and commercial organizations with end-to-end remote sensing systems for global and regional situational awareness that enable mission success.

Small Satellite

Small satellites have sparked the interest of many who are looking for low-cost and fast-turnaround solutions to get sensors and payloads into space. Harris is leading the market with “right-sized” innovation, including the highest-resolution commercial imagery and broad spectral range. Harris small satellite systems enable businesses, governments and other organizations to make operational decisions that save time and cost.


Operations at sea present a variety of challenges to military vessels. Harris helps ships and submarines navigate the complex terrain beneath the surface, track and understand the movement of enemy vessels, and keep global sea lanes safe and clear of dangerous mines with advanced mine countermeasures. In addition, Harris electronic support measures systems offer unparalleled situational awareness and threat detection.

Warship Destroyer

U.S. Navy destroyers face a variety of dangers in today’s seas. Harris electronic support measures offer unparalleled situational awareness and threat detection, integrated self-protection systems and robust electronic attack capabilities. Harris advanced sonar capabilities provide vessels the ability to avoid subsurface obstacles and sea mines. Harris command and control solutions integrate combat systems onboard ships, providing operators with improved situational awareness, decision support and complete control of weapons and sensors.


Today's warfighters require immense quantities of data to accomplish their missions. Conventional radios operating in harsh environments, often without a line-of-sight to base, cannot cope with the enormous bandwidth required to transfer the high-resolution imagery and video that are essential on the modern battlefield. Harris satellite communication (SATCOM) terminals deliver this capability securely and reliably to any platform, ensuring that warfighters stay connected, informed and protected.


Harris solutions aboard the Apache helicopter include night vision goggles that enable the U.S. Army to conduct operations on the darkest nights, situational awareness tools vital to mission success, and reliable data communications to always stay connected.


Harris supports Chinook missions such as troop movement, artillery placement and battlefield resupply with the world’s first airborne certified two-channel networking radio that combines legacy interoperability with next-generation functionality to communicate large amounts of data. Other solutions on the Chinook may include the aviator’s night vision system and, in times of need, the self-protection of  the ALQ-211 family of systems, which detects, denies, disrupts, degrades and evades lethal threats. The Chinook can also deploy one of our mine sweeping solutions. These Harris solutions provide operators the capabilities necessary to effectively communicate and to safely complete the mission.

Dismounted Soldier

For the warfighter on the ground, the Harris family of radios, receivers and processors provides crucial communications in situations where split-second decisions are lifesaving. In addition to reliable and secure communications, Harris is also the premier provider to the military of vision-enhancing solutions. Harris night vision and vision-enhancing technology enables service men and women to effectively complete their missions and safely avoid threats. 

Tactical Operations Center

The tactical operations center is the heart of successful missions. The Harris family of radios and communications systems provide secure and reliable connections to share data, video and imagery. Harris solutions deliver command and control and situational awareness from the battlefield to the tactical operations center, regardless if it is mobile or permanent.

Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS)

For unmanned aircraft systems to fly safely and accomplish missions, remote pilots and operators must be equipped with accurate and secure information. In civil missions, infrastructure and services must be in place to provide Command and Control (C2), Detect and Avoid (DAA), and payload/mission data distribution and processing. In military operations, defensive systems are required to counter electronic warfare and intrusion detection through counter-UAS systems. Harris provides the advanced solutions to address these challenges and enable mission success.

GPS Satellite

Harris is the leading global provider of positioning, navigation and timing products, systems and solutions. Our navigation systems for the U.S. Global Positioning System (GPS) comprise high-performance, reliable, cost-effective payload, control and interference location solutions. We have built more than 70 GPS satellite payloads and our technology has been on every U.S. GPS satellite ever launched. Today, Harris is deploying GPS satellite technologies that dramatically improve the accuracy and reliability of this global utility on the next generation of GPS satellites.

Military Airfield

At military airfields throughout the world, Harris provides the solutions warfighters and our allies need to successfully complete missions. Military customers come to Harris for tactical air traffic management and precision approach radar systems to support operations both at large, established airbases as well as tactical airfields where mobility is a priority. Harris vision-enhanced goggles allow aviators to conduct operations on the darkest of nights while commanders rely on secure and reliable Harris radio communications for situational awareness. 


Harris technology has played a critical role on the F-35 since the program’s inception. Harris provides the aircraft with cockpit communications, data processing, sophisticated avionics and clean, lightweight pneumatic carriage and release racks that support the aircraft’s low observable profile. Communication, navigation and instrumentation antennas deliver situational awareness while advanced datalink protocols ensure data remains encrypted and secure. Harris avionics infrastructure and electronics are critical to providing efficient, affordable and high-performance capabilities.

Combat Vehicle

Warfighters in combat vehicles depend on Harris solutions to assist in navigating through dangerous territory. Harris technology enables them to communicate safely and securely with each other and with commanders on base via secure remote and portable networks. With safety an issue at every turn, Harris systems such as EGON address emerging radio-controlled IED threats, providing safety and reliability to successfully complete each mission.

Natural Disaster

During a natural disaster, first responders and government agencies need accurate, portable and reliable information and the means to share it. Harris provides the solutions to communicate reliably and securely: establish a portable command center, keep the disaster relief team connected with the Harris family of two-way radios, and connect with team members no matter where they are with the groundbreaking capabilities of BeOn®. Harris weather solutions ensure precise weather visualization and forecasting during recovery and restore efforts. 

Cell Tower / Antenna

L3Harris provides the most advanced communications solutions for government markets. These innovative and cost-effective L3Harris products address mission-critical communications concerns for a variety of customers, including state, local and federal government agencies and military organizations, while bringing cutting-edge technologies to the cellular industry.


An aerostat is a lighter-than-air craft, such as an unpowered balloon or powered airship, that gains its lift using a buoyant gas. Harris developed the Tethered Aerostat Radar System program, which operates and maintains airborne radar platforms and associated infrastructure and communications, to address the specific needs of this type of aircraft. The program is used to counter illegal drug trafficking and support border control missions.

Wild Fire

During wildfires, first responders and local, state and federal government agencies need the most accurate and reliable weather forecasts and the ability to quickly and securely share information. Harris solutions ensure the accuracy of critical weather information, and the Harris family of two-way radios reliably and securely enables firefighters and other first responders to communicate effectively within teams, with other agencies and with command stations.

Space and Intelligence Systems: Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Capability Highlight

L3Harris provides government and commercial organizations with end-to-end remote sensing systems for global and regional situational awareness that enable mission success.

Space Antennas

Harris makes the difficult seem commonplace with space antennas that push the boundaries of technology and structures that perform reliably in the extreme conditions of space.

In the fast-paced world of satellite communications, there is always a need for more—more bandwidth, better performance and quicker turnaround. Harris space antenna systems deliver more each and every day, improving global wideband satellite communications, high-speed broadband networking and satellite television.

Space Telescope

Harris supports two of the most intriguing space missions underway today: NASA's ultra-powerful James Webb Space Telescope and NASA’s solar-powered Juno spacecraft. 

The successor to the Hubble Space Telescope, the James Webb Space Telescope is slated for launch in 2018 to provide unprecedented images of the universe's first stars and galaxies.

After arriving on Jupiter following a five-year journey, Juno will study Jupiter’s atmosphere and interior to advance understanding of our solar system by revealing facts on its origin and evolution. 

International Space Station

The International Space Station (ISS) is a habitable artificial satellite in low Earth orbit. Harris provides vital engineering support to NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center for the Space Communications Network Services (SCNS) program, including telemetry, tracking and command services for near-Earth missions such as the ISS. Harris has roles in planning and integrating mission networks and engineering, operating, maintaining, developing and sustaining systems and networks at NASA space centers.

Iridium NEXT Satellite

As the largest and most experienced hosted payload provider in the world, Harris specializes in end-to-end hosted payload solutions that get commercial and government missions into space affordably. By integrating sensors, instrumentation and other payloads on existing satellite platforms where excess capacity and power are available, “hosts,” such as Iridium NEXT, provide subsidized rides to space. Harris advises mission planners on options for cost-effective space access and designs, builds and integrates the payloads.

Railroad Station

Monitoring the climate and the surrounding physical environment is important to successful operations in the transportation industry, including the nation’s railways. Harris climate monitoring solutions help customers measure, understand and plan. The Harris Geospatial Solutions suite of products and services makes it easier and more cost effective to analyze the physical environment and obtain actionable information for informed decisions. Harris also provides surveillance solutions for Beyond Visual Line of Site (BVLOS) for the BNSF Railway-led Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) Pathfinder initiatives for UAS inspection of railway infrastructure.

School / Residential

Today’s first responders demand secure and reliable communications. The Harris family of radio communications provide a myriad of solutions to address every need. From portable and mobile two-way radios that enable consistent, clear and secure communications, to the revolutionary BeOn® app that can be used on cell phones and PCs, Harris is an industry leader.


Modern agricultural techniques are combining highly accurate geospatial information with global positioning systems to enable the industry to work smarter. Harris solutions provide the agriculture industry with tools to track, assess and visually depict weather, physical features and geographical activities on Earth to ultimately increase crop production with greater efficiency and lower cost.

City Municipal

Harris provides efficient, cost-effective solutions to municipal agencies in cities all over the world. State and local governments depend on our advanced technologies to securely and reliably communicate with residents and other agencies, especially during a crisis. In addition, city officials use geospatial and environmental intelligence to make critical decisions regarding traffic and growth.


The skyline is spectacular and the inner functions of the city are humming because Harris solutions are at work. From weather satellites that ensure awareness of dangerous weather, to efficient and cost-effective intra- and inter-agency communications during a crisis, Harris provides the most advanced technologies to solve the real-time issues that most cities face.

Harris Corporation T7 Multi-Mission Robotic System

The T7 robotic system provides best-in-class mobility, manipulation, and intuitive control, delivering uncompromised performance for critical Explosive Ordinance Disposal (EOD) missions for law enforcement or military users.

Counter-IED Robotics

Robotic technology is increasingly deployed on high-risk missions to protect lives. Harris has developed world-class technologies that extend the reach of first responders, giving robots human-like dexterity while maximizing operator safety.


Oil Rig

Drilling contractors, operators and service companies demand communications and IT services that meet specific operational requirements. L3Harris' best-fit solutions focus on remote assets and also on the integrity, security and reach of the IT network and infrastructure, leveraging L3Harris expertise across terrestrial, satellite and other wireless technologies.

GOES-R Satellite

For more than 60 years, Harris technology has been the cornerstone of key global weather information systems. For the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration’s (NOAA’s) new Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellite – R Series (GOES-R) weather satellite mission, Harris’ Advanced Baseline Imager will capture raw data through the antennas. The ground segment ingests, processes and distributes data in 5-minute update intervals — a substantial improvement over the 30-minute update in the current operational system. The program is a collaborative development and acquisition effort between NOAA and NASA to develop, deploy and operate the satellites.

Power Plant

When hundreds of thousands of people are relying on the security and reliability of a power plant, Harris has the solutions to ensure files, data and communications move quickly and securely, safe from the dangers of today’s digital world. Environmental awareness is also important, and Harris geospatial solutions provide decision-makers with the information needed to make comprehensive plans to protect the environment that make good business sense.

Satellite Ground System

Spacecraft are managed in orbit at all times as valuable data is exchanged with Earth. This information is analyzed and used for defense, for science and for the public good. Harris systems, software and solutions receive and process high-volume data streams and help keep space missions on track and connected. Harris professionals operate, maintain and sustain ground systems for government and businesses around the world, leveraging more than 50 years of experience on U.S. ranges and space missions.

Commercial Airplane

Harris solutions keep more than 87,000 flights a day safe with next-generation air traffic management technology. Harris assists pilots in obtaining the information they need to do their job – like air traffic, weather and airport flight management. Additionally, we help develop tomorrow’s air traffic management systems that benefit the aviation community by effectively managing data, enabling collaborative decision-making and keeping the National Airspace System safer and more efficient than ever.

Commercial Airport

Harris is modernizing airports, airlines and the global air transportation system to meet the demands of increasingly crowded airspace. Our airport operations tools help transport millions of people and goods - safely and on time -  from gate to gate. From infrastructure to applications, Harris has the capability to deliver real benefits to commercial airports around the globe.

Cruise Ship

Reliable, always-on communications services are an absolute necessity in today's connected world. Harris combines the best of satellite, wireless and terrestrial technologies to provide comprehensive solutions that keep people connected. Harris provides staff and passengers onboard cruise ships with the latest high-speed internet and advanced voice and data services to enable reliable and cost-effective connections. Crew and passengers alike appreciate the reliability and  the security that Harris solutions provide.


From routine calls to emergency responses, Harris delivers communication systems that help first responders protect those they serve in their communities. By leveraging the latest technologies, listening and responding to customers’ needs, and constantly seeking ways to improve, Harris delivers rugged, reliable equipment and wide-ranging network coverage.

Industrial Park

Whether a small business is concerned about weather and safety conditions for its employees or a large company is deciding to expand its existing footprint, Harris has the solutions to assist. With BeOn®, teams stay connected via the most advanced P25 Push-to-Talk app running on commercial smartphones or PCs. Harris-provided geospatial data and Helios® weather analytics provide industry leaders clear, reliable and secure information to make informed decisions – when and where they are needed.

Emergency Medical Services

First responders depend on communications systems and equipment that operate reliably regardless of conditions. The Harris family of communications systems and radios is secure, reliable and easy-to-use with proven interoperability. With more than eight decades of experience supplying innovative communications solutions, Harris systems deliver effective communications quickly and clearly, whenever and wherever needed.


Public Safety professionals depend on communications systems that operate reliably regardless of conditions. Harris provides a wide variety of communications solutions to federal, state and local government agencies that are right-sized for each organization and have capabilities to interoperate with existing systems. The citizens these first responders protect expect nothing less, and the families of public safety professionals can be assured their brave loved ones have the best tools available.



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