Harris Expert

Steve Williams

Harris Operations Manager for the Statewide Law Enforcement Radio System (SLERS)
Steve Williams


Everyone who knows Steve Williams knows he takes his job seriously. And while it's nice to have your hard work recognized by your peers, it's an even greater honor to be recognized by Florida's Governor Rick Scott.

That's what recently happened when Steve, Harris Operations Manager for the Florida SLERS system, received a personal thank you letter from the Governor.

"Your hard work helped our families and business get back to normal," wrote Governor Scott. "I am grateful for your dedication to helping your fellow Floridians and rebuilding our beautiful communities."

Steve joined Harris in May of 2015 after retiring from the Florida Highway Patrol. In his decorated three-decade career in law enforcement, he served as a trooper, homicide investigator and manager, spending the last 13 years of his career focused on technology and communications support for the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles.

"Part of my job while with the Patrol was the state-wide communications commander for all disaster responses," said Steve. "So I took what I learned, what I know about public safety and how the agencies respond, along with the new knowledge gained while working at Harris and applied all this to our response strategy to ensure that the officers could depend on our system during the times they and the citizens needed it the most."