Florida Sheriff Wayne Ivey and Chris Young HarrisCorp

A few questions with Brevard County, Florida, Sheriff Wayne Ivey

Jun 21, 2017

This forward-thinking leader and innovator embraces technology and smart-policing tactics

Sheriff Wayne Ivey has been a law enforcement officer for more than 30 years, and has served the citizens of Brevard County, Florida, since his 2012 election. Sheriff Ivey is widely recognized by national law enforcement organizations as a forward-thinking leader and innovator who embraces technology and smart-policing tactics to solve a wide range of challenges.

Sheriff Ivey’s hard work and dedication have earned him numerous local, state and national awards, and his programs have achieved great success in reducing crime. Most notably, Sheriff Ivey created the Child Abduction Response Team (C.A.R.T.) which is used as the nationwide model in child abduction response and investigation.

Law enforcement technology and tools will be a big topic of conversation as National Sheriffs’ Association members from around the country arrive in Reno, Nevada for the NSA Annual Conference and Exhibition. The event begins Friday, June 23.

In this Q&A, Sheriff Ivey provides his perspective on how technology supports law enforcement and strong partnerships with industry advance the public safety mission.

From your perspective, what is the importance of relationships between agencies like the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office and a commercial organization like Harris Corporation?

This relationship between Harris Corporation and the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office is extremely important to our day-to-day operations and our ability to help local charities in our community. The mission-critical communication solutions developed and provided by Harris Corporation to first responders can literally mean the difference between life and death as it relates to officer safety. You can’t compromise on communications, and Harris is fully dedicated to that level of commitment for our deputies in the field. 

What are your thoughts about innovations in first responder technology? How important are advances in technology to what your department does every day?

The Brevard County Sheriff’s Office is very open and welcomes new innovations to assist first responders in doing their job more safely and efficiently. It is extremely important to our first responder community that these innovations in technology continue to reach new levels so that law enforcement is doing the very best they can to protect their communities. It’s encouraging to know that a corporation like Harris continues to work toward advances in technology and partnerships with public safety. 

The Brevard County community is home to nearly 6,000 Harris employees. What do you think about the nexus between a company that makes mission-critical equipment and your force as it achieves its goals and keeps our community safe and secure?

The Harris Corporation has not only been an outstanding partner with the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office, but its employees and leadership are also very generous supporters of the Brevard County community. The Brevard County Sheriff’s Office employees are very dedicated and passionate about keeping our community safe and the nexus between Harris employees and our agency is a model partnership that should be duplicated across our great nation.