Harris P25 Radio System for Coral Gables

Together, Harris Corp and Coral Gables Tackled Limited Coverage by Creating Seamless Interoperability

Jan 24, 2017

The City of Coral Gables is redefining public safety communications interoperability, using technology as the connective element to keep the city’s multiple departments operating more effectively and efficiently.

Facing an Aging System

Before upgrading its communications technology, this coastal community in southeast Florida was faced with the problem of an aging public safety radio system. With the city’s last system upgrade in 1999, Coral Gables’ radio network was in major need of a new upgrade that would provide area-wide interoperability, and address reliability and signal reliability issues associated with legacy systems.

Coral Gables selected our Harris team and Communications International for the job to transition Coral Gables from its analog network to a new state-of-the-art digital network. The new system we provided was a three-site, 10-channel simulcast system that runs both P25 Phase I and Phase II.

Interoperability is Key

I’m proud to say the new digital communications system has more than lived up to its promise, seamlessly connecting Coral Gables and its surrounding communities. The new system enables many different departments to use the network, now able to engage in group exchanges with other agencies and municipalities regardless of radio manufacturer.

Coral Gables Fire Chief Marcos De La Rosa described the interoperability of the new system as “paramount to our effective response, whether it’s local or throughout the state.”

Our work with Coral Gables has become a model for a successful transition from an analog network to a new interoperable digital network. More than just a great system, the work we did for Coral Gables is a testament to our team’s high standard of work and commitment to the customer.

Results You Can See

We started this project with a goal to ensure that all agencies in Coral Gables and in neighboring communities can communicate no matter the situation. Working as a team, we helped Coral Gables tackle its challenges of limited coverage, reliability and interoperability. Today, Coral Gables is able to connect to surrounding communities to ensure public safety and the protection of all of their citizens.

The most rewarding aspect of this project is the feedback from our customer. Coral Gables Police Chief Edward Hudak Jr. described breathing a sigh of relief. “Now we’ve finally gotten to the point where I can sleep better at night,” said Police Chief Hudak. “I know with the new system, not just for the police department, but the fire department, sanitation, public works and everybody else on our system, I’m going to be able to talk.”

Looking forward, Coral Gables Radio Technician Supervisor Jason Swift sees a bright future with the new system. “With the implementation of the new P25 network, there’s definitely a roadmap for us to move into interoperability in the future,” said Swift.

Sounds simple, but our experience with Coral Gables is a great reminder that the work we do has real meaning every day to the people who use our technology.