First responders rescue a man during hurricane in Johnston County

Resiliency in the Face of Emergency

Feb 16, 2017

Nothing is more important to public safety professionals than resiliency. No matter the situation, from forceful winds to torrential rain and even hurricanes, public safety agencies must have a communications system that will not fail them. Public safety professionals need a system with which they can rest assured they will be able to communicate with who they need, when they need to the most. It is no wonder some of the most extreme weather prone areas are choosing Harris – our communications systems are built to last.

Standing up Against Hurricane Season in Florida

Those who work on the Statewide Law Enforcement Radio System (SLERS) that Harris supports in Florida are no strangers to the need for resiliency. This year, Florida was hit with not one, but two hurricanes. In September, Florida was faced with Hurricane Hermine, testing the resiliency of Harris and SLERS. During the hurricane, five million calls were processed through the SLERS system with no issues. Then came Hurricane Matthew in October, right on the tail of Hurricane Hermine. SLERS again processed a huge amount of calls without a bump, this time topping 2.2 million calls. Through powerful winds, heavy rain and more, Harris and SLERS showed they can stand up to the most extreme conditions. Harris was there to help ensure that law enforcement and public safety were well connected and safe while they responded to those in need throughout the state.

Not only are Harris systems proving resiliency on the statewide level, but Harris communications systems have passed the test for local public safety too. The systems were not just resilient, they were able to ensure successful communication within communities and with surrounding public safety agencies. Harris communications systems in the cities of Coral Gables, West Palm Beach and Hialeah, as well as the county of Miami-Dade, proved to stand up to the extreme conditions. Public safety professionals were able to respond effectively, ensuring the safety of countless throughout the state of Florida.

As a Florida company, Harris knows extreme weather conditions and knows them well. Harris has been able to apply these resiliency techniques not only in Florida, but across the country as well.

Facing Extreme Conditions across the Country

Hurricane in Johnston County

It was not just Florida that was affected by a particularly active hurricane season this past year. Communities up and down the East Coast were affected in new and challenging ways. Johnston County in North Carolina is one such community that faced extreme weather conditions the likes of which they had never seen before. Johnston County public safety professionals faced massive flooding, road closures and an unexpected level of destruction. Luckily just before the hurricane, Johnston County installed a new Harris communications system.

Johnston County and the Harris system were put to the test immediately. Despite the destruction Hurricane Matthew caused, Johnston County public safety agencies were able to effectively communicate with each other and responding agencies outside the county. The system did not falter when Johnston County received 250,000 calls within the first 12 hours, and an unusual 200 calls for water rescues within the first 24 hours.

In describing the resiliency of the Harris system, Johnston County Sheriff Steve Bizzell said it best: “We put it to the test and it works every time.” Sheriff Bizzell continued, “When you’re out there on a call and you need assistance, we look at that Harris radio as our life-saving tool.”

Harris communications systems are proven to hold up in even the toughest conditions. Expert planning and preparedness sets us apart. With built-in backups and protocols, Harris users will be able to communicate. Resiliency is Harris’ business, weathering the storm and coming out connected and prepared to take on any emergency.

L3Harris Hurricane Support

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