Advanced Solid-State TV Transmitter Contract

March 23, 1995

MELBOURNE, Florida -- The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) has awarded Harris Corporation a multi-million contract to provide advanced television broadcast transmitter systems as part of the BBC's ongoing modernization program.

Harris' Broadcast Division, Quincy,Illinois, was awarded the contract, to provide 32 state-of-the-art Harris UltraVision UHFtelevision transmitters, as well as installation and engineering services. The transmitters will be designed and manufactured at Harris' operation in Cambridge, United Kingdom.

Harris will provide the BBC with 32 solid-state UltraVision UHF transmitters to replace older klystron tube-based transmitters. The new transmitters will be configured as parallel systems ranging in power from 6 kW to 23 kW and will provide BBC1 and BBC2 viewers with high quality pictures. The transmitters also will bring stereo sound to several areas where it is not yet available. In addition, Harris will install and refurbish existing electrical and cooling systems at each of the eight transmitter sites.Initial equipment installation and site work will begin in July 1995 and be completed in May 1996.

Harris UltraVision transmitters are second generation solid-state systems that offer many advantages over the older tube transmitters now being phased out.The transmitter's all solid-state design is more efficient in terms of power consumptionresulting in lower operating costs and reduced cooling requirements for the BBC. They also require less maintenance than the older tube transmitters which need regular attention.The lower voltages used in the solid-state transmitters also makes them inherently saferto operate, while the wideband capability of the basic modules means a single module canbe used for all transmitter frequencies so fewer spares need to be kept in stock. Thetransmitters use built-in redundancy to ensure transmission is maintained even if anindividual module fails, giving the transmitters a 'soft-fail' capability.

Harris Broadcast is North America's leading manufacturer of radio and television transmission equipment and systems, supplying custom-integrated systems and services to the video industry in more than 150 countries.

Harris Corporation, with worldwide sales of more than $3.3 billion,is focused on four major businesses: electronic systems, communications, semiconductors and Lanier Worldwide office equipment.

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