Harris Corporation Wins PCS Incumbent Relocation Contracts Totaling $17 Million

February 26, 1997
MELBOURNE, FL - Harris Corporation has been awarded three contracts valued at $17 million to relocate incumbent public service agencies for Personal Communications Services (PCS) providers in Texas and Rhode Island.

Under the first contract, valued at $8 million, Harris will provide Texas-based Valero Natural Gas Company with digital microwave radio equipment that will allow Valero to relocate its communications network from 2 GHz to 6 GHz along its gas pipeline system. The pipeline runs through most of the larger cities in Texas. Work on the project is already underway and will take about one year to finish.

In the second contract, valued at $6.5 million, Harris will provide the digital microwave radio equipment, installation, training and maintenance for relocating the city of Dallas public safety communications network from the 2 GHz bandwidth. The project is scheduled to be completed within nine months.

In Rhode Island, Harris was awarded a contract for $2.5 million to move the state police communications network from 2 GHz to 6 GHz. Harris is providing the radio equipment, installation, training and maintenance for the project, which will be completed by next summer.

A number of utilities and municipal agencies such as these are being relocated to different frequencies to make room for PCS providers. During federal auctions in 1995 and 1996, the providers won the right to install their advanced cellular-type communications networks on frequencies currently held by the public service organizations. The cost of the relocation is absorbed by the PCS companies.

Harris Corporation is a world leader in the manufacture of digital microwave communication systems and products, and a worldwide provider of microwave radio-related telecommunications services. The company's microwave products are used for PCS incumbent relocation, interconnection of cellular networks, industrial and municipal communications networks and numerous other services.

Harris Corporation, with worldwide sales of more than $3.6 billion, is an international communications and electronics company that provides a wide range of products and services such as wireless and personal communications, digital television (HDTV), health care information, multi-media communications, automotive electronics, transportation, business information, defense communications and information, and Lanier office products.

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