Harris Awarded $72 Million Comanche Helicopter Contract

March 6, 1997

MELBOURNE, Florida — Harris Corporation has been awarded a $72 million contract to provide advanced avionics for the United States Army's RAH-66 Comanche helicopter. This is a follow-on contract to the original one that Harris started work on in 1991, bringing the overall value of the program to $170 million.

The new contract calls for Harris to perform additional work on its current avionics program in which the company is providing the Comanche's digital map generator, fiber-optic data bus, sensor data distribution network, cockpit displays, and display generation computers. This follow-on work involves integrating the latest technology on the fiber-optic networks and computer processing critical to the performance of the reconnaissance/attack helicopter.

The Comanche helicopter is part of the U.S. Army's Force XXI modernization program to upgrade various weapons systems for the next century. Comanche is designed to replace some 3,000 technologically obsolete aircraft. Most of the new aircraft will replace aging helicopters at Army installations in the United States and Far East. Fewer than 300 are scheduled to be based in Europe.

Boeing and Sikorsky are the prime contractors for the RAH-66 Comanche program, with Harris providing avionics support work.

Harris Corporation, with worldwide sales of more than $3.6 billion, is an international communications and electronics company that provides products and services in more than 150 countries. The company uses its broad base of technologies to develop products and systems in areas such as wireless and personal communications, digital television (HDTV), health care information, multi-media communications, automotive electronics, transportation, business information, defense communications and information, Lanier office products, and others.

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