Harris to Provide Analog & Digital Television (DTV) Transmitter Equipment

May 27, 1997

DALLAS, TX/MELBOURNE, FL -- Harris Corp. has entered into an agreement to provide analog and digital television (DTV) transmitter equipment forthe 16 television stations owned and operated by A.H. Belo Corporation. The exclusive master purchase agreement has a potential value of more than $16 million.

A.H. Belo, one of the top 10 media companies in the United States,owns television stations in many of the nation’s largest markets including: WFAA-TV,Dallas, Texas; KHOU-TV, Houston, Texas; KING-TV, Seattle, Washington; KXTV-TV, Sacramento,California; KGW-TV, Portland, Oregon; WCNC-TV, Charlotte, North Carolina; WVEC-TV,Norfolk, Virginia; WWL-TV, New Orleans, Louisiana; KASA-TV, Albuquerque, New Mexico;WHAS-TV, Louisville, Kentucky; KOTV-TV, Tulsa, Oklahoma; KHNL-TV, Honolulu, Hawaii;KREM-TV, Spokane, Washington; KMOV-TV in St. Louis, Missouri; KMSB-TV,Tucson, Arizona; and KTVB-TV, Boise, Idaho.

According to Robert Turner, A.H. Belo corporate manager for engineering services, the agreement with Harris allows Belo to firm up its plans for DTV."We can now move forward with the process of converting to digital broadcasting over the next few years. The agreement with Harris shows us the equipment will be available tous as we need it, which will be very important as more and more broadcasters get in line for equipment," said Mr. Turner.

Harris, a leader in the development of DTV, has now signed agreements to provide transmitters to more than 130 television stations. Since some of the supply agreements include network affiliates, the number is potentially as high as 500 stations. Among the television groups Harris has signed transmitter supply agreements with: A.H. Belo, CBS, The Walt Disney Company’s ABC; Cox Broadcasting, Inc; Tribune Broadcasting; PBS station WETA in Washington, D.C.; and WRAL in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Last year, a Harris transmitter became the first in the U.S. to broadcast commercial digital television signals. The company developed the RF Test Bed forthe Advanced Television Test Center in Alexandria, Virginia, which was used to evaluate all digital television systems proposed for the U.S. market. Harris also recently announced plans to conduct a nationwide digital television information initiative with PBS to prepare broadcasters for the conversion to DTV. In addition, Harris recently donated adual-monitor display to the Smithsonian Institution, allowing people to compare HDTV with traditional television.

Harris Corporation, with worldwide sales of more than $3.6 billion, is an international communications and electronics company that provides a wide range of products and services such as wireless and personal communications, digital television,health care information, multi-media communications, automotive electronics, transportation, business information, defense communications and information, and Lanier office products.

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Editor's Note: Harris Corporation has numerous digital television resources available, including a DTV guidebook, photos, a consumer survey, and b-roll video. In addition, Harris executives are available for press interviews. For further information, contact Tom Hausman at 321/727-9131 or thausm01@harris.com, or Martha Rapp at 217/221-7577 or mrapp@harris.com.