Clarion Global Networks, Inc. Selects Harris Corporation for Network Management

September 24, 1998

Melbourne, Florida; - - Harris Corporation announced that Clarion Global Networks, Inc. will deploy its Harris Network Management (HNM) platform to manage its worldwide network of wholesale carrier termination services, callback, direct dial, and calling card services.

Clarion Global Networks, Inc., an international telecommunications company based in Oslo, Norway provides services to resellers, businesses, and other network providers. Efficient network management is critical to Clarion's global operations, therefore requiring a partner who offered a complete solution.

In its efforts to streamline network operations and offer the highest service level to its customers, Clarion selected the HNM platform for its ability to interface to the differing technologies in its network. Other attractive features of HNM for Clarion included flexible, configurable scripting tools, scalability and functionality; competitive price, user-friendly software screens and menus, and its simple upgrades to accommodate network growth.

"Maintaining a trouble-free network is absolutely critical for Clarion Global Networks, Inc.," said David Aldrich, director of network operations. "The foundation of our company is to provide our customers with the ability to make cost-effective telephone calls from anywhere in the world via our network. The functionality of HNM matches our needs perfectly. The system gives us the visibility into our network to see potential problems, diagnose troubles remotely and quickly, and obtain more detailed data on network issues," added Aldrich.

Clarion will deploy HNM for several key applications, including FMS for general network status; Call Reporter for trouble ticketing; and, ENM for switch management. HNM offers Clarion a single network management capability for remote access to all network.

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