Harris' MegaStar®155 Offers 1.2 Gigabit Per Second Capability

September 22, 1998

REDWOOD SHORES, Calif - Harris Corporation announced the first shipment of a 1:N configuration of its successful MegaStar® 155 digital microwave radio capable of transmitting 1.2 gb/s.

This new model uniquely offers easy conversion from asynchronous DS3 to synchronous SONET/SDH or ATM networks by managing different signal interfaces. It also saves time and expense through its sophisticated built-in self-alignment and performance monitoring capabilities.

Test facilities built into the highly automated MegaStar 155 eliminate the need for maintenance adjustments and costly test, calibration, and performance monitoring equipment. The radio's automated provisioning, alignment, calibration, and microwave link delay equalization save considerable installation time and expense, reducing such expenditures to as little as a tenth of the costs associated with traditional, legacy-designed digital microwave radios. Equipment designed to simplify field upgrades makes the addition of new radio frequency channels easy as well.

Using the well-recognized benefits of microwave/wireless technology, MegaStar 155 establishes a wide-bandwidth "pipe" for fiber-equivalent transport of up to two times OC-12 capacity (1240 Mb/s or over 16,000 voice circuits). An optional, errorless 1:N protection switch provides cost-effective, automatic microwave path and equipment protection for as many as eight 155 Mbit/s traffic channels

The flexible MegaStar 155 supports both DS3 and SONET/SDH synchronous transmission. Standard 3xDS3 interfaces can be easily exchanged for SONET/SDH/ATM electrical or optical plug-in cards to connect with a wide variety of qualified synchronous multiplexers, ATM switches, DCS, and fiber equipment. MegaStar 155 provides further flexibility through options to implement linear chain, ring, and mesh network architectures.

"MegaStar 155 gives Harris customers the reliability they need. The 'future-friendly' conversion capability allows cellular operators, common carriers, energy utilities, and state or local governments to meet high-capacity transport requirements," said Bob Stillerman, director of marketing, Microwave Communications Division, Harris Communications. "Harris also reduces the cost of implementing future product feature enhancements by providing a remote software download capability."

MegaStar's signal interfaces and 1:N configuration, along with its easy installation, security, and low price, make it an effective choice for modern, fast-growing telecommunications networks. Since MegaStar's 1995 introduction, Harris has shipped more than 3,000 transmitter/receiver (T/R) units to customers worldwide.

Microwave Communications Division

The Microwave Communications Division is one of four divisions within Harris Communications. The division delivers wireless solutions to service providers of all types, including power utilities; transportation companies; state, local and federal agencies; fixed wireless operators; and public network operators. Its product line, the broadest in the industry, covers frequency bands up to 38 GHz for synchronous and asynchronous applications which comply with international and North American standards. The division is the largest supplier of digital microwave systems in North America and has a customer base in more than 140 countries worldwide.

Harris Communications

The capabilities, products, and applications at Harris Communications are focused in three markets-wireless communications, broadcast communications, and communications products. Harris solutions include microwave and wireless loop systems; secure radios for defense, national law enforcement, and air traffic communications systems; analog and digital television and radio systems; enhanced services and digital switching platforms, telecommunication tools and test systems, and network management systems for worldwide communications service providers and broadcasters.

Harris Corporation

Harris Corporation (NYSE: HRS), with worldwide sales of $3.9 billion, is an international communications and electronics company that provides a wide range of products and services such as wireless and personal communications, digital television (HDTV), health care information systems, automotive electronics, transportation, business information, defense communications and information, and Lanier office products.

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