Harris Corporation Introduces High-Capacity Line-of-Sight Radio with Frequency Hopping Capability

ABU DHABI, United Arab Emirates
February 17, 2019

Harris 7850W HCLOS Radio with Frequency Hopping


  • Greater transmission security guards against increasingly sophisticated adversaries
  • Real-time video and data sharing increases force effectiveness
  • Optional integrated five-watt amplifier provides line-of-sight transmissions up to 255 kilometers

(Harris Booth #03-A21) — Harris Corporation (NYSE:HRS) has introduced the Falcon III® RF-7850W high-capacity line-of-sight radio with frequency hopping capability – providing warfighters in hostile communications environments with greater transmission security over the entire 4.4 to 5.875 GHz frequency band.

This networking-capable radio allows users to share real-time, high-definition intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance data – increasing operational effectiveness for forces from the tactical edge to mobile commanders. The RF-7850W also provides wireless broadband capability for fixed, at-the-halt and on-the-move operations in vehicular, maritime or airborne environments, while automatically choosing the strongest available signal strength without the need for user intervention.

An optional integrated five-watt power amplifier provides clear line-of-sight transmissions up to 255 kilometers. The radio is also compatible with existing RF-7800W over-the-air networks used by current Harris customers.

“The threat of detection and jamming from increasingly sophisticated adversaries is a major communications challenge in today’s modern battlefield. The Harris RF-7850W frequency hopping capability effectively defends against that risk,” said Christopher Aebli, vice president and general manager, International Tactical Communications. “Harris is committed to continually improving our radios’ countermeasures to effectively defend against the constantly evolving threats our users face on the battlefield.”

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