Harris Corporation Launches Falcon Net Ecosystem – Connecting All Tiers Across the Battlefield

ABU DHABI, United Arab Emirates
February 17, 2019

Harris Falcon Net Ecosystem – Redefining the Connected Battlespace


  • Delivers a connected battlefield for the modern tactical network
  • Encompasses radios, waveforms, tactical applications and network services expertise
  • Easily architects, deploys, uses and maintains a highly effective integrated tactical network

(Harris Booth #03-A21) — Harris Corporation (NYSE:HRS) has introduced the new Falcon Net Ecosystem™ system of software, hardware and services – creating a comprehensive set of capabilities that connect all tiers across the battlefield.

The Falcon Net Ecosystem™ encompasses the entire ecosystem of connected communications including radios, waveforms, services, applications and network management. The seamless sharing of the common operational picture across all echelons delivers a tactical advantage on every mission.

“Our warfighters need more than just the ability to communicate on the battlefield, they need the ability to aggregate and disseminate information across the network,” said Dana Mehnert, president, Harris Communication Systems. “Harris’ Falcon Net Ecosystem ensures warfighters have the tools on hand to maneuver, fight, and win on the contested and congested battlefield.”

The Falcon Net Ecosystem™ consists of four main components:

  • 50+ waveforms delivering spectrum superiority, with an architecture that provides access to a full range of frequencies
  • Falcon family of radios that are software defined to protect customer investment and designed to run legacy, current and future waveforms
  • Falcon tactical applications that allow warfighters to visualize and manage the battlefield
  • Falcon network services that help users create and maintain their tactical network

Harris’ family of advanced radio technology enables waveform commonality, mission flexibility and secure centralized management. The Falcon Net Ecosystem™ provides a simple-to-use platform on which a robust tactical C4I network can be architected, deployed, used and maintained.

About Harris Corporation
Harris Corporation is a leading technology innovator, solving customers’ toughest mission-critical challenges by providing solutions that connect, inform and protect. Harris supports government and commercial customers in more than 100 countries and has approximately $6 billion in annual revenue. The company is organized into three business segments: Communication Systems, Electronic Systems and Space and Intelligence Systems. Learn more at harris.com.

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