Capabilities for demands of every size

The XL family of portable radios gives you one of the most important things you need to do your job well—choice. Choose from the single-band XL-185P with LTE, the multiband XL-200P with LTE, and the intrinsically safe XL-185Pi and XL-200Pi. They all feature loud and clear audio, extended-life batteries, compact design, rugged construction, outstanding value—and are ready for anything the job throws at them.

The single-band XL-185P with LTE

  • Stay Connected - Capable of operating on VHF, UHF, 700/800 or 900 MHz frequencies, the XL-185P merges LMR voice with voice and data over Wi-Fi®, Bluetooth® and Cellular/LTE that is Verizon Certified.
  • Packed with Features and Value - A premium radio that is the best value in its class, the XL-185P is loaded with standard features.
  • Tough Specs - Built to MIL-SPEC standards so the XL-185P can go into the toughest places.
  • We Heard You Loud and Clear - Powerful 1.5 watt/4.0 watt max audio amplifier with dual speakers and advanced noise cancellation means you can be heard in real-world situations. Hear the Difference
  • Small & Ergonomic with an Extended-Life Battery - Compact enough to stay out of the way, and easy to handle. Plus, it comes with a 10-hour battery life because your shift doesn’t always end after 8 hours.
  • Greater Connectivity for Rapid Decision-Making - Integrates with 3rd party apps to improve situational awareness. GPS, Bluetooth® and Wi-Fi® come standard.
  • Open Communication - Adheres to P25 industry standards for interoperability.

The multiband XL-200P with LTE

  • First and Only Multiband LTE Land Mobile Radio on the Market - Capable of operating on VHF, UHF and 700/800 MHz frequencies, the XL-200P merges LMR voice with voice and data over Wi-Fi®, Bluetooth® and Cellular/LTE that is Verizon Certified and Band-14 ready.
  • The Strongest Set of Capabilities in the Industry - Delivers all of the same standard features as the XL-185P, including sound clarity, rugged design, compact size and extended-life battery.

The intrinsically safe XL-185Pi and XL-200Pi

  • Certified for Intrinsic Safety in Hazardous Environments - UL Certified Class 1, Division 1 (C1D1) for intrinsic safety means safe operations in potentially explosive and hazardous environments.