Public Safety pros helped design Harris XL radios as if their lives depended on it.

We logged thousands of miles to meet officers, firefighters and EMS workers from New England to New Mexico. We visited big cities and small towns. We rolled hundreds of hours of video interviewing front-line Public Safety pros, for whom it is not just a radio—it's a lifeline.

Harris XL radios are the result of one of the most intense interview and research processes ever conducted with Public Safety personnel. They spoke and Harris listened—delivering the most advanced, easiest-to-use radios ever built; the smallest full-spectrum, LTE-capable radios on the market. Tough enough to take on the street. Smart enough to connect Public Safety anytime, anywhere. Loud enough for real-world situations. Advanced enough to make noise throughout the industry.

The Harris XL series. Simply the most advanced communications devices on the planet. And you can thank the guys on the street.