Our Space and Intelligence Systems business designs, manufactures and integrates systems for Earth and space observation and for satellite communications. Our expertise encompasses advanced sensors, specialty components, and ground receiving and high-volume processing systems. Our analytical tools help users make more informed decisions. We develop efficient enterprise architectures, applying our decades of experience integrating critically important systems and our in-depth understanding of our customers’ missions. We help sustain complex systems for cost-effective life-cycle management and future growth.

From the space antennas that bring satellite radio down to Earth and the GPS navigation technology that guides your journey… to the weather data that forecasters use to predict the weather and the optical systems that help scientists explore the universe, our world-class technologies and talented employees are providing solutions and insights for a better world. See our new video for a closer look at how Harris space and intelligence systems impacts daily life.

Key capabilities:
Analytical Instrumentation
Energy Solutions
Environmental Solutions
Geospatial Solutions
Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance
Positioning, Navigation and Timing
Space Antennas
Space Payloads and Electronics
Space Superiority
Universe Exploration