Harris provides dynamic protection from insider and outsider threats. Cybersecurity entails more than just deterring intrusions and theft of information. For cybersecurity to be effective, organizations must identify, sort, manage and analyze millions of pieces of data—suspicious or not—in order to understand threats and recognize emerging vulnerabilities.

Harris automates the collection, monitoring and analysis of security-related data from computer logs, helping organizations quickly understand and separate serious threats from other events and anomalies. Cybersecurity information includes log data generated from any number of sources, including antivirus software, intrusion-detection systems, intrusion-prevention systems, file systems, firewalls, routers, servers and switches. Harris technology monitors events in real time, delivers and aggregates data in an easily-readable format, responds automatically to incidents, sends alerts and generates reports.


Government IT Services, representing Harris IT Services Corporation and its affiliates, is no longer part of Harris Corporation.

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