Hostile forces use sea mines to deny access to strategic waterways, coastlines and harbors. As a trusted developer of advanced minesweeping systems, Harris technology has proven itself in every major U.S. Navy mine clearance operation since 1975. Harris is developing next-generation airborne towed and unmanned minesweeping systems to defeat the evolving threat of sea mines and enable successful operations for littoral and blue water forces.

Harris has invested more than 40 years in research and development to design world-class, integrated minesweeping systems that save lives, ensure mission success and protect global commerce through open shipping lanes. As the only U.S. supplier of minesweeping systems, Harris supports the U.S. Navy and allied navies in their mission to secure critical waterways and enable the safe passage of commercial and military vessels.

Modern mines demonstrate sophisticated sensitivity and selectivity, making them especially difficult to locate and neutralize. Harris technology supports customers in all mine defense scenarios with advanced, mission-specific mine defense. From mechanical minesweeping systems that sever mine mooring cables, to airborne systems that combat acoustic, magnetic and multiple influence sea mines, to remote-controlled surface sweep systems for unmanned surface vessels, Harris is committed to a safe and open ocean.