The future is small and lightweight; it`s about more capability in less space, and about staying longer in harder to reach places. L3Harris small form factor electronic warfare (EW) is the next generation of EW capability to retain the advantage in the electromagnetic spectrum and win the airwaves.

More is expected of electronic warfare systems today than at any point in the field`s history. As the threat landscape evolves, becoming more diverse and unpredictable, our customers are demanding new levels of capability and versatility in electronic warfare and electromagnetic spectrum operations.

L3Harris answers this challenge with a new generation of small form factor electronic warfare technology that packs capabilities of current cutting-edge electronic warfare systems into a module that fits in the palm of your hand. L3Harris small form factor electronic warfare offers more than just reduced size and weight, it provides our customers with reprogrammable, scalable, and networkable capabilities and compatibility with open systems architectures.

Ideal for, but not restricted to, wearable and unmanned systems missions, the next generation of electronic warfare heralds an agile approach that enables multiple missions reusing the same hardware – including electronic attack (EA), electronic support (ES), and signal intelligence (SIGINT).