To be informed and prepared is to be in greater control of your environment. Harris surveillance technology solutions make it possible to be informed about conditions that may require attention and alerted to potential dangers--to manage air traffic, control borders, predict weather, defend a military facility or monitor ships at sea.

Harris is the world leader in airborne, land-based, shipboard and coastal surveillance solutions for civilian aviation, border and coastal security, military operations and other uses. Our legacy of innovation equips us to offer the most advanced digital systems, open-architecture solutions and Active Array Antenna (AESA) technologies available. Our radar solutions are built on six decades of continual innovation to provide the highest levels of capability, performance and reliability. And, Digital Airport Surveillance Radar will make aviation infinitely safer and easier to manage as global air traffic volume increases.


Government IT Services, representing Harris IT Services Corporation and its affiliates, is no longer part of Harris Corporation.

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