Advanced Interference Mitigation System (AIMS)

The L3Harris Advanced Interference Mitigation System or AIMS employs a standard, open, and scalable architecture for configuring a defined set of technology building blocks to a wide range of applications. An AIMS-based solution is configured to the specific application, mitigating all interference problems as needed for mission success without the unnecessary Size, Weight and Power or Cost (SWaP-C) overhead of a one-size-fits-all approach.

AIMS uses our unrivaled interference cancellation technology to solve the hardest RF interference problems.

L3Harris AIMS achieves interference mitigation performance that cannot be matched by any other solution. The AIMS solution is adaptable to provide exactly the right level of performance, matched to the customer’s specific set of problems and constraints.

AIMS is scalable to provide electromagnetic interference protection for one to many victim receivers from one to many interference sources. AIMS can be applied to protect a wide range of spectrum, from HF to above X Band, for either narrowband or broadband signals. AIMS can remove up to 100 dB or more of interference before the signal reaches the victim receiver.