Alaskan Satellite Telecommunications Infrastructure (ASTI)

As the prime contractor for the Alaskan Satellite Telecommunications Infrastructure (ASTI) program, Harris leads a team to engineer, install, test, operate and maintain the existing satellite communications network that links the Alaskan Air Route Traffic Control Center in Anchorage with 64 FAA facilities throughout the region, including 59 remote sites, three flight service stations (FSSs) and a test and training facility (TTF). The ASTI program provides increased network performance and availability while reducing the FAA's cost of operating and maintaining the current Alaskan National Airspace System Interfacility Communication System (ANICS). This infrastructure provides Alaska with 90 percent of its inter-facility communications for critical, essential and routine air traffic control services supporting commercial aviation.  

Using Satellite Communications to Modernize the Alaskan Air Traffic Control (ATC) System