Analog Simulcast Over IP (AS-IP) Integrated Voice and Paging Solution

The Integrated Voice and Paging Solution leverages the latest 9400 products in L3Harris P25 networks, ensuring an easy upgrade path for organizations who want an analog system today but plan a future migration to P25 standards. Flexible by design, the system can operate as a standalone or as an analog simulcast overlay. It can connect to dispatch solutions or be further customized through L3Harris Enable Suite applications or standard third-party analog equipment. L3Harris AS-IP also increases efficiencies and resilience with voting and site controls.

Wide area coverage with simplified P25 migration path

L3Harris AS-IP, powered by Tait, delivers better coverage while using less equipment to lower the cost of ownership. Composed of one master and multiple satellite base stations, the system provides reliable communications through a single frequency over wide geographic areas.

Key Benefits

  • Compact, cost-effective voice and paging solution provides better coverage with less equipment
  • Reliable communications over wide geographic areas
  • Simplified upgrade migration path to P25
  • Can operate as a standalone or analog simulcast overlay added to new or existing P25 networks
  • Voting and site control increase efficiencies and resilience